A big part of creating a wedding experience that is memorable and reflects who you are as a couple is decorating your reception space with personalized items and décor. Chances are, your chosen wedding venue in Lowell, IN already has some great decorations in stock for you to use, but if you want to go the extra mile and add in some things of your own, here are just a few ideas you might consider borrowing:

  • Extra lights: Bistro lights are all the rage these days, and bringing them into your space can add a cozy atmosphere. You might also consider bringing in chandeliers or lanterns, or having colored LEDs set up along various parts of the hall in strategic locations, especially for the dance party.
  • Natural elements: It can be a great idea to add some greenery. Flowers are always present at weddings, but not often do you see vines or greenery in addition to those flowers. Wrap a pergola, add small trees into the space to break up the dinner tables, have plants hanging off of surfaces, etc.
  • Highlights: If there are particular decorations or elements of the architecture that you really like and want to highlight, you might consider using some strategic lighting. You could also light up the wall behind the couple with a monogram gobo, or aim a light with pin-spots directly at the cake table and guestbook areas.
  • Linens: Linens don’t always have to be plain white. While they are timeless and certainly will go with any setting, they can also be a bit boring. Select tablecloths, napkins, and runners with bold colors or designs that fit your personality and the color scheme of your wedding.
  • Add some shine: A little bit of shiny material can go a long way in terms of adding some visual interest to the place. This could include sequined or crystal curtains hanging on the walls or used as table runners, or some sparkly items to use as centerpieces.
  • Vignettes: If you think of designing a reception space in the same way you’d design the interior of your home, you can bring in elements you’d use in your own living quarters, such as vignettes. A few vignettes can add a lot of personalities and make for a much more personal touch. Add some framed photos, family mementos, floral arrangements, and antique furniture and you’ll really have a venue with a lot of character.
  • Candles: Candles bring a warm, cozy atmosphere to any room you place them in, so add a lot of candles and let them provide most of the light when you turn the lamps down for dinner and dancing. They make for a great ambiance for any kind of wedding reception.

Want more tips about how you can personalize your event space and bring in some unique design elements of your own? Signature Banquets can help. Our space is ideal for all sorts of special events, and we’d love to show you how we can help make your wedding the day you’ve long dreamt about. Contact us or visit our wedding venue in Lowell, IN today.