There’s nothing wrong with wanting your wedding to be adults only. Weddings can run late into the night, and there’s often alcohol involved. What’s more, as delightful as the little ones may be, children are also unpredictable. No one wants a crying child to interrupt their ceremony, after all. It’s okay (and entirely understandable) to want to make sure that your wedding is an adults-only occasion.

You don’t have to be a professional event planner in Lowell, IN to make it happen, either. Here are some tips to get you started.

Repeat yourself

To ensure that everyone on your wedding guest list understands that children aren’t invited, you’ll likely need to mention it more than once. Include it on the invitations. If you’re putting up a wedding web site, specify the adults-only nature of the event in a prominent location.

Tell everyone

Whenever you get the opportunity to inform one of your guests that children aren’t allowed, be sure to do so. This goes double for your close friends and family, as more distantly related guests may contact them for information on the event.

Let your planner know

If you’ve hired an event planner in Lowell, IN, you should let them know early on in the process that you’re shooting for an adults-only wedding. They can help facilitate that decision and may even have some tips to help you out.

Feathers will get ruffled

The odds are good that the majority of your friends and family will respect your decision and go along with it. There will always, however, be an exception. Count on it. Someone will either confront you about your choice, or they’ll assume they are the exception to the rule. Some people may even choose not to attend your wedding as a result of your decision.

Don’t budge

No matter how much pushback you get for your decision, don’t relent, and don’t make special allowances. Remember that your wedding is for you and your significant other, not for the children of your friends and family. If you’d like your wedding to be adults only, then go for it.

Consider offering babysitting service

If you have the budget, space, and means, you might consider offering a babysitting option for parents who want to attend your wedding. This can be an especially nice thing to do if you have friends and family visiting from out of town.

Put your big day in great hands

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