Weddings are the perfect opportunity to show your future spouse how much you love them, and many brides look for extra ways to make their groom feel special. After all, weddings so frequently center around the bride, and whether or not your groom is interested in helping plan, no one wants them to feel left out in any stage of the proceedings. We’ve seen a lot of sweet wedding moments in the last seven years that Signature Banquets has been operating as a wedding venue in Lowell, IN, and with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some ideas to help you make your big day that much more special:

  • Come up with a sweet surprise: Sometimes the groom’s preferences get lost in the planning process, so making sure that his favorite desserts or snack foods are available at the wedding—especially if he wasn’t expecting them—can be a great way to show you care. Whether it’s an unexpected cookie table or a groom’s cake in his favorite flavor, you can make him feel as special as you do.
  • Take a note: When you love your future partner, it’s easy to fill up pages and pages about the way they make you feel. Consider writing a journal full of love notes, compilations of your favorite things about him and maybe even some hot “to-do” lists, and having his groomsmen deliver it to him before the ceremony.
  • Engrave his wedding band: If you two haven’t already decided on messages inside your wedding band, consider engraving his with a sweet message and the wedding date.
  • Build the anticipation: If you have your own bridesmaids or attendants, think about enlisting them to help build anticipation. “Wait until you see her” text messages are always popular (and sweet), but you could also have them slip him a note or send slightly obscured photos to heighten his excitement.
  • Plan for some private moments: At the end of the day, your wedding is a special moment for the two of you, even if you’re excited to share it with others. Perhaps you want to plan to slip away between the ceremony and reception for a private kiss (or two), make sure you have breakfast in bed waiting for the morning after… or even book a photographer for some saucy boudoir photos to deliver right before the ceremony. It’s a great way to help your future spouse feel loved and appreciated amidst the chaos.

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Your wedding is sure to be the stuff dreams are made of when you enlist Signature Banquets to help host and plan your day. We’re a full-service wedding venue that handles everything from the space to the catering to the hotel room blocks, freeing you up to focus on the most important thing: how it will feel to get married to the person you love. Call us today to get started planning a wedding that’s truly unique for you both. We look forward to working with you soon!