St. Patrick’s Day is a special holiday—it sits at the tail end of the traditional holiday season, right at the threshold of Spring. St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect holiday for people who are looking for quality time with their friends and family, without the added pressure of gift shopping or dealing with social obligations. All that St. Paddy’s Day requires is good food, good friends and perhaps a designated driver.

This year, however, it’s time to make your next St. Patrick’s Day tremendous and schedule some time at an event venue in Lowell, IN. Looking for some ideas to make the upcoming St. Paddy’s Day festivities something special? Read on!

Green means more than one thing

Remember that the number one color for St. Patrick’s Day is green. It’s so essential to the day that Chicago and other cities dye their rivers green. That said, when you’re planning the decor for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities, keep in mind that green is a color with many different shades. You can stick to the whole “green” theme and still mix up your color palette.

Don’t be beholden to the holiday

One thing that’s important to keep in mind when you’re planning any holiday is this: don’t get caught up in a theme. If you’re planning your party at an event venue in Lowell, IN, make the most of the space and the options at hand. You’ll end up with an occasion that starts off inspired by the holiday only to transcend it.

Say hello to pastrami

One of the most fun aspects of any cultural holiday is enjoying the food and beverages of other people. On St. Patrick’s Day, most people get stuck on famous Irish drinks. Guinness and Jameson are lovely, but March 17 is also a great time to experiment with another fantastic Irish export: pastrami. There is an endless number of recipes that will let you turn this traditional Irish dish into delicious appetizers that keep the party moving and taste buds popping.

Bring on the fruit

Another recurring theme of St. Patrick’s Day is the rainbow that leads intrepid explorers to their pot of gold. This simple idea is easily translated into an assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables stuck onto easy-to-handle skewers. They’re great for kids and a nice alternative for people who may not be a fan of pastrami.

Kick it up a notch at Signature Banquets

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