Summer used to be the most popular time to have a wedding. However, in recent years, fall weddings have been increasing in popularity. In fact, October has now dethroned June as the most popular month to get married. There are many wedding venues in Lowell, IN that cater to cooler weather and autumn-themed weddings. If you’re planning a wedding this fall, consider these delightful fall wedding ideas:

  • Fall foliage: One gorgeous way to incorporate fall-themed décor is by using fall foliage, such as orange, yellow and red leaves. Not only do color-changing trees make a great backdrop in wedding photos, but you can incorporate vegetation in the centerpieces, stationery, and photos.
  • Fall colors: The colors of fall can be brought seamlessly into your wedding for a unique and attractive choice. Try incorporating rust oranges, reds and forest greens into the linens and décor.
  • Outdoor wedding: Since it’s less hot in the fall than it is all summer, fall is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. The great thing about outdoor wedding venues in Lowell, IN is that you don’t need a lot of décors. Use the natural vegetation and views surrounding you as inspiration for a few bouquets.
  • Rustic furnishings: Fall is a great time for rustic furnishings. Wooden arches, barrels, and benches create a cozy, rustic feel that exudes “hygge,” the Danish sense of coziness. These natural colors and tones also work wonderfully together with fall vibes.
  • Hygge elements: Fall is all about cozy, homey and hygge vibes. Play this up by offering coffee at the reception, as well as fuzzy blankets or earmuffs as a wedding favor. Coffee mugs also make a great wedding favor, and they can easily be personalized with the bride’s and groom’s names. Another great idea is a hot chocolate bar, especially for those who are not coffee drinkers. Add a table of garnishes like peppermint sticks, marshmallows, cinnamon and more. This table will be especially popular with the kids!
  • Fall-inspired drinks: If you’re planning to have a bar at your wedding, use the season as an inspiration for cocktails. Hot toddies, bourbon and whiskey drinks and spiked apple cider are great choices for fall cocktails. You can even create a signature drink for your wedding!
  • Pumpkins: Utilize pumpkins and gourds in your décor as much as possible. From centerpieces to entry table decoration to name and seating cards, nothing exudes fall like pumpkins. If orange is one of your wedding colors already, it will fit right in.
  • Creative venues: Think about the venue as a fall oasis. Choose a wedding venue in Lowell, IN that, will work with you and help you plan the details to your exact preferences. They can even help generate creative ideas for linking your wedding décor to the fall season.

Signature Banquets is a top wedding venue in Lowell, IN. We have a 9,000 square foot facility with modern décor and a seating capacity of 300. Your fall wedding will be beautiful in our indoor or outdoor space, which can be decorated however you desire. Contact us today for a free consultation.