Let’s be honest—most employees are filled with dread at the prospect of attending a corporate event of any kind. Taking time out of their busy work schedule to hobnob with professionals doesn’t exactly sound like the most enjoyable pastime. For people setting up a corporate event in Lowell, IN, however, there’s help. With the right inspiration and few tips, you can turn a glum corporate function into a real winner. Here’s how to do it.

Know your goals

Before you even set a date for your event, you should know what you’re hoping to get out of it. Is it a sales event that’s designed to draw in new customers? Is it a party to congratulate your team on a job well done? Is it a general meet and greet between your employees and your clients? Knowing the type of event you’re hosting and then attaching appropriate goals to the outcome will help you narrow down the possibilities when it comes to planning your event.

Keep the lines of communication open

No matter the purpose for hosting your corporate event, you shouldn’t hesitate to keep your team informed about your plans. It would be best if you considered soliciting insights and suggestions from your employees, as well. Regardless of the goals of your event, your team will appreciate the opportunity to participate in the lead-up. Don’t just touch base once, either—make sure to repeatedly ask for input throughout the planning period.

Go off campus

For occasions like a holiday party or some other gathering that focuses on your regular employees, you may be tempted to keep the festivities in-house. Unless you’re bound by a restrictive budget, however, resist the urge to throw the party in your office. Instead, show your employees that you really care and take your corporate event in Lowell, IN somewhere new.

Go social

The internet is the perfect place to drum up excitement for your event. You can create a custom Twitter account or Facebook page and update it regularly with photos and updates about the planning process. This simple step will help keep the event in the front of potential attendees’ minds even as it slowly transforms just another corporate event into an occasion to look forward to.

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