What’s a wedding without a hopping dance floor? The last thing you want at your big party is to have an empty dance floor all night long. And while it may be your professional DJ’s job to get people out and on the floor, there are certainly some suggestions you can make that can help them do their job well.

With this in mind, here are a few tips from our event venue in Lowell, IN to give you a dance floor that’s fun all night long:

  • Set the tone: Make sure you’ve got music going during the earlier parts of the evening—cocktail hour, dinner, etc. Have a specific theme in mind that is reminiscent of who you are as a couple. Background music helps to create a lively atmosphere and lets your guests know they’re free to make noise and have a fun time.
  • Set the seating chart: Make sure the people seated closest to the dance floor are those who are the most likely to get up and get the party started. A lot of times, all it takes is a few people to start the trend to encourage others who might be a little shyer to get out on the dance floor as well.
  • Use a variety of genres: You might both love the exact same kind of music, but you’re going to have a whole lot of different musical tastes represented among your guests, so you should try to cater to everyone. You can certainly have your favorite genre represented, but there’s a reason why some songs are known as wedding hits—they’ve got broad appeal and are classics. Select from a variety of genres and time periods, and you’ll likely get the best results on the dance floor.
  • Allow requests: A popular strategy is to have guests put songs they want to hear on their RSVP card, or to submit ideas on your wedding website. This helps you to guarantee everyone will have at least one song that will get them up and moving.
  • Use interactive songs: Want to encourage as many people as possible to get up and start dancing? Then be sure to choose a few songs that have dances that go with them that encourage people to get involved. Think the Electric Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, the Cha Cha Slide, the Hustle, the YMCA or any other type of big group dance that will get people involved.
  • Snacks: Another way you can get people toward the dance floor is to serve dessert or late-night snacks near the dancing area. This will naturally bring people over to that area, which will encourage them to then get on the dance floor.

For more tips about how you can create a lively dance party for your wedding or your next event, or if you’re interested in booking our event venue in Lowell, IN, reach out to the team at Signature Banquets today. We’d be happy to give you more info about the services we provide! Contact us online or call us directly.