After months of planning, you have everything in place to host your dream wedding. You also want this day captured beautifully in pictures, which means asking guests to dress accordingly. However, it can feel uncomfortable to communicate a dress code for your special day. With these wedding dress code tips in Lowell, IN, your guests will understand what you expect from them when they arrive at your nuptials.

Be clear

You’ve spent years imagining the day you would get married. One of the most important wedding dress code tips in Lowell, IN to remember is that you want to be very clear about what you expect from your guests. The more guidance you provide, the more likely it is that people will show up dressed correctly.

Include all wedding events

Maybe you don’t mind if guests wear cocktail attire to your rehearsal dinner, but you expect them to dress formally at the wedding reception. You might be hosting a breakfast the day after that guests can attend in casual clothes. Make sure you specify the dress code for each wedding event, especially if guests are coming from out of town. You’ll want them to pack everything they’ll need.

Create a Pinterest wedding dress code board

This is a great way to provide visual examples to guests of how they are expected to dress for your wedding. This is especially helpful if you want people to wear specific colors or attire for your special day.

Spread the word

In the months leading up to your wedding, most people you speak to will ask you about the event. This is your chance to remind guests about the dress code. Enlist the help of your bridesmaids, groomsmen and family members to also share the dress code with any other guests they speak with before your special day.

Have fun with it

Some guests might react negatively when asked to adhere to a wedding dress code. However, if you present it in a fun, whimsical way, guests will be more understanding and willing to dress as requested. For example, if you want people to dress in black tie and evening formal wear, say something about wanting to celebrate your love in style.

Discuss the dress code with your planner

Make your wedding planner the expert on what people can and cannot wear. Then provide your guests with contact information for your wedding planner so they can run their fashion questions by this person instead of inundating you with calls, texts and emails.

These wedding dress code tips in Lowell, IN are only one part of planning your wedding. You also have to decide where you’ll host your special day. For those in northwestern Indiana, there’s a great option for hosting stunning weddings: Signature Banquets. Whether you are hosting an intimate affair with a few close friends and family members or a 300-person party, we offer everything you need to have the best wedding ever. Contact us today to learn how we can make your wedding picture perfect.