There are many life events that call for celebration. Getting engaged, planning a wedding, graduating from college, family reunions and having a baby are all special things worth celebrating with the people closest to you. Because not everyone has a house large enough to host such big parties, this is where event venues come in.

You always want to make sure you choose the location that will be the absolute best venue for your event. One important piece of advice is to not just pick the first pretty venue you tour. Go into the decision-making process knowing exactly what it is you want and do everything in your power to get it!

Are you ready to start your venue search? The following is a checklist to help you choose the most perfect event venue:

  • Know the costs: Before scheduling any tours, know how much money you want to spend. With this budget in mind, find out the exact cost of the venue reservation. Is the price tag higher for certain days of the week? Whip out your negotiating skills if necessary, confirm dates, times and details, then sign on the dotted line.
  • Consider the location: Where the venue is located can have an impact on you and your guests. Do they offer onsite parking or valet service? How far away is the airport? Does the area have easy access to public transportation? The need for a super convenient location depends on the type of event, but ideally, you want everyone invited to be able to find the place and get to it easily.
  • Choose a theme: Venues vary in style, depending on the type of events they specialize in and the staff’s preference. If your event has a theme, you can save money by choosing a venue that fits the same style in terms of decor and layout. Another option is to go as minimal as possible—opt for a unique venue space that’s architecturally lovely and doesn’t need much decorating.
  • Number of guests: Be sure to choose a venue that can accommodate everyone comfortably. It has to be the right size space and atmosphere for your event or you risk throwing a bad party. Know how many people are coming, add extra counts, then hunt down a venue with the right capacity.
  • The layout: When checking out venues, bring up the seating layout you want for your event. Will you need a stage and dressing room in the same area? Seeing photos of past events at the venue can help you decide whether it’s the right choice.
  • Know the facilities and services: Not all event venues are all-inclusive. Some decorate and clean up for you, while others don’t. And you might need things like onsite parking, a kitchen, audio and visual equipment, private security, photography, a bar or food catering. Find out what services and facilities are offered before signing any contracts.

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