Hosting a corporate event involves many moving parts. A common question many business owners ask themselves during the planning stages is, “Should I have my corporate event catered?” The answer is a resounding “yes” for a number of reasons that will ultimately benefit you, your guests and your Lowell, IN event overall.

Why you should hire a caterer for your corporate event

Most people wondering, “Should I have my corporate event catered?” are trying to cut costs. However, we’ve found that, in the long run, hiring a caterer in Lowell, IN for your next professional gathering saves you time, money and hassle:

  • Something for everyone: Your guests will likely have a variety of dietary restrictions. Making sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy at your event means having an intimate understanding of menu planning. A caterer will know how to prepare a menu with something delicious for every guest while staying within your budget.
  • Professional presentation: When hosting clients, either potential, current or previous, you want to make a good impression. A catered event is an elegant affair that impresses people, especially when you hire knowledgeable caterers like Signature Banquets.
  • Adhere to a budget: Enlisting catering services for your corporate events means working within a specific budget. You tell the caterer what your budget is, and they make it work. With access to wholesalers, a caterer can save money on ingredients and other supplies. These discounts are passed on to you so you can host an impressive event without breaking the bank.
  • Minimize stress: Without a caterer, you have to figure out what food to serve, who will prepare it, what the food will be served on and where you will get the plates and flatware needed to eat the food. There are also permits to acquire and food handling regulations to consider. By hiring a caterer, you no longer have to worry about any of those aspects of your event. With fewer logistics to manage, you can focus on entertaining your guests and maybe even get a few minutes to enjoy the event yourself.
  • Create a tone and atmosphere: You have a specific goal in mind for your corporate event. Maybe it’s attracting new business or showing your appreciation for long-term clients. Your party menu and the way in which the food is presented communicates the tone you are trying to achieve for your event. You will work with the caterer you hire to determine the atmosphere you want to establish for your corporate event so you can achieve your goal.
  • Offer variety: If you regularly host corporate events, whether quarterly or annually, you want to switch things up so people don’t get bored. A caterer can offer different menu varieties to keep guests interested and delighted each time they are invited to one of your get-togethers.

So, you’ve decided to answer the question “Should I have my corporate event catered?” with a “yes”—outstanding! Now it’s time to hire the top caterer in Lowell, IN. Numerous businesses have selected Signature Banquets to cater their business parties and have found that we go above and beyond to achieve our mission of serving unique, delicious food presented in a remarkable way. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming corporate event.