It probably sounds a little unconventional, but a Thanksgiving wedding can actually be a great way to maximize your time off work and get your entire family together in one place. With lives being busier than ever, taking advantage of holiday time off can be a great way to celebrate your love with the whole family. Work with an event planner in Lowell, IN to schedule your wedding for the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving to ensure the maximum number of people can attend.

Benefits of a Thanksgiving wedding

Built-in theme: The best part about a Thanksgiving wedding is that you already have a theme to work with. Decorative gourds and rich, warm colors are classic and beautiful and will stand out for years to come. The menu can be designed to use all the flavors of the fall season, whether you want to go for a traditional turkey dinner or something more contemporary.

Most people have time off: Many industries in America give their employees the day or even the weekend off, making it easier for your guests to take the time away from work. They might even welcome the departure from their Thanksgiving traditions.

You were going to spend it with your family anyway: One of the lovely things about weddings is that they represent the joining of two families. Since Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with family, why not start your marriage off by spending it with both sides? Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to reunite with all of their relatives on such a special day.

Considerations for a Thanksgiving wedding

You’ll need to plan way ahead: When you decide to plan a wedding during Thanksgiving weekend, you’ll need to plan much farther in advance than normal. Not only are event venues often booked early, but you’ll want to give your guests enough advance notice so that they don’t make conflicting plans.

Travel is more expensive: One drawback of Thanksgiving (and holiday weddings in general) is that because it’s such a popular time to travel, flights and gas are more expensive, and hotels are booked. This may limit some of your guests’ ability to attend. However, with enough notice and some strategic planning, you should be able to accommodate the majority of people who want to share in your special day.

Although it won’t be the right fit for every couple, having a Thanksgiving wedding can be a unique and beautiful way to bring your families together. If you’re dying to get married in the fall, give a Thanksgiving wedding some serious consideration.

Get help planning your Thanksgiving wedding in Lowell, IN

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