If you’ve had to postpone your wedding or wedding reception due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the globe have found that their long-awaited ceremonies, events and conferences have been canceled thanks to the highly contagious virus. In Indiana, the governor has issued a stay-at-home order that limits social gatherings to fewer than 10 people from different households—in short, unless you were planning on eloping, your 2020 wedding plans have probably drastically changed.

It’s not ideal for anyone, especially if your wedding date has special significance, or you have older relatives who may not be able to travel later in the year or next year. That’s why many couples have been turning to virtual receptions in Lowell, IN.

Streaming your wedding online

Thanks to technology, no one has to miss your wedding—even if you’re in quarantine. Some couples are asking their officiants to videocall them and perform the ceremony from afar, while photographers stay six feet away (or more) to document the occasion. Others have invited their officiants to their homes to perform the ceremony, which is then streamed to everyone who wants to tune in. Some vendors, like florists, are even pivoting to remote wedding services—they’ll drop off bouquets and boutonnieres at home for the wedding couple.

If you want to stream your wedding, you can use a service like Instagram or Facebook live stream, which allow guests to tune in and leave comments for the happy couple—and you’ll always have that memento of the occasion.

Hosting virtual receptions for friends and family

After the wedding is over, why not host a virtual reception, too? Sure, your guests can’t exactly dance together (unless they’re in the same household), and you won’t be providing the food or champagne, but technology affords us the opportunity to let distant guests make toasts and share memories on the day of your marriage.

For best results, decide which service you’ll use for your virtual reception and let your guests know well in advance. This allows them time to download the software they need and test it out—maybe Grandma and Grandpa aren’t hip to Zoom just yet—to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day. Draw up a tentative schedule that gives you a loose idea of who is in charge of what (speeches, remote performances and more) and let people know who is in charge of managing the guests—and then let them sign up to give a speech, perform music or give well-wishes to the happy couple. (Don’t forget to tell everyone to mute their microphones when they’re not scheduled to talk!)

If you’re rescheduling your wedding or looking for a venue after COVID-19 is over, be sure to put Signature Banquets on your list. We offer a 9,000 square-foot indoor and outdoor event space, featuring our delicious in-house catering. Get in touch with us today to get help rescheduling or booking our space for a later date. We look forward to helping you celebrate!