‘Tis the season for wedding and baby showers! Event venues are busy throughout much of the year with these showers, but it always seems like they really pick up the pace in the spring. So, if you’re currently planning a baby or wedding shower, you might be looking for some ideas to make it a fun time that reflects your personality.

Here are some tips for planning a baby or wedding shower you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

If you’re having games, do something unique

If you’ve ever been to a baby or bridal shower, you’ve probably been forced to play some of the more common generic and predictable games. For example, you’ve probably been asked to guess the circumference of a pregnant woman’s belly, or play the purse raid game at a bridal shower. These tired old ideas likely elicit more groans than good times at showers these days, so why not get creative?

Some great ideas that have been gaining traction recently include having onesie decorating contests at baby showers, or putting twists on favorite board or card games at bridal showers. You might also try collecting baby photos of guests ahead of time and play a “guess the baby” game—you’d be amazed at how much fun this extremely simple game can be!

Try not to hold people captive for gift openings

It is traditional to have some gift opening time at showers but try to place a hard limit on that time. People like to see the reactions of the bride- or mom-to-be as she opens up her presents, but you should try to limit that to no more than a half-hour; otherwise, you’re going to notice your guests starting to get antsy. If you have a lot of gifts to get through, you can enlist the help of a close family member. You can also simply elect to not open gifts at all at the event, and open them after everyone leaves. Either way, just make sure you send out thank-you cards after the event.

Reveal the gender at the baby shower

Rather than having a separate party for a gender reveal (an idea that has been starting to elicit a lot of consternation from people), you could instead reveal the gender at the baby shower. There are a couple benefits of doing this. For starters, you don’t have to make people feel as though they need to come to multiple parties to celebrate your baby. Second, if you want to avoid getting overrun with overly gendered clothing or toys, you can announce the gender at your shower after people have already brought you gifts.

For more tips to help make your bridal or baby shower go off without a hitch, we encourage you to contact Signature Banquets and we’ll be happy to provide you with more ideas for your event. Reach out to Signature Banquets today to get tips or reserve a space!