Is this the year you’re going to throw the most exciting Halloween party in town? If you’re ready to start planning a Halloween party to remember, read on! Below, an experienced event planner in Northwest Indiana shares some helpful tips to ensure you’re all set for a night filled with tricks and treats.

Find the perfect location
The first thing you need to throw a memorable Halloween party is the perfect location. Once you know where you’ll be having it, you can start planning the date, time, guest list, theme, decorations and food. Luckily, there are plenty of spooky (and legal) party locations to choose from during the Halloween season:

  • The woods: Some parts of the United States have pleasant fall seasons. Because of good weather, you might want to throw an outdoor party. Places like a forest, spooky woods or an open field are the perfect settings for bonfires, socializing, playing games and celebrating Halloween.
  • Someone’s backyard: Another outdoor party location can be your own or a friend’s backyard. Set up in a large yard or lot complete with party tent rentals, tables and chairs and nearby restroom facilities.
  • A local venue: If you want to take the stress out of Halloween party setup and cleanup, reserve a local banquet hall or event facility. Want things to be even simpler? Hire a party planner to book a location, get the decorations and plan the food for you!

Make lists

Who do you want to come? Writing a list of whom you want to invite to your party will help you plan better. This list will give you an idea of what type of party you want to throw. Adults only? Family friendly? Costumes required? Will the menu be potluck style, or are you providing everything? Will there be entertainment?

Finally, what time should your party start and end? Keep in mind that throwing a Halloween party on Halloween is not ideal for a lot of people for trick-or-treating or work reasons. Consider having it the Saturday before Halloween to allow for preparation and cleanup time, and maybe to draw a bigger crowd.

Decide on a theme

Halloween can be considered a theme all on its own, but your invitation should specify whether or not guests should show up in costume, and if costumes need to be specific to a theme. Knowing this is also good for decorating purposes. However, leaving the theme open keeps the guesswork out of whether guests should dress up in costume or wear whatever they want to.

Halloween treats and activities

It’s typically not difficult to choose food and beverages for Halloween parties, but if you’ve set a theme, carry over that theme to the food spread. You can even label goodies with spooky names and decorate around the tables accordingly. For party activities, most people will simply mingle while others dance, and if it’s a costume party, consider holding a costume contest.

Do you want to take advantage of the services of an event planner in Northwest Indiana for your Halloween party? Call Signature Banquets today!