If you’re planning a wedding, you know there’s a lot to think about, and it’s easy for small (or large) decisions to slip through the cracks. A wedding planner in Lowell, IN can help you make sure you handle all the details and can take a lot off your plate. However, whether or not you hire a wedding planner—and one may even be included by your wedding venue in Lowell, IN—you’ll want to make sure you avoid these common mistakes when planning your wedding:

  • Spending too much time on Pinterest: If you’re constantly on Pinterest or other wedding idea boards, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the ideas and creatively crafted décor that these brides manage to come up with. While these tools can be great for inspiration, they can also set unrealistic expectations for what’s in your budget or ability. You may not have the perfect wedding calligraphy skills that every bride in the photos online seems to have. That’s okay! Make your wedding your own instead of trying to make it “Pinterest perfect.”
  • Under-budgeting: There are many expenses that brides and grooms often don’t think about when creating the budget for their wedding. They consider the big expenses like the dress, flowers, drinks, food and wedding venue in Lowell, IN, but they often forget about the tiny details. For example, tips for the caterers, alterations to the dress, accessories, delivery charges and more can really add up, pushing many couples over budget. Budget some extra expenses into your planning, even if you don’t think you’ll need the extra cushion. You never know what will come up!
  • Micro-managing the photographer: Back to Pinterest: you’ve probably seen a million photos that you want to try to recreate. However, if you’ve hired a great photographer, you should trust them to get you the beautiful shots you need. Constantly suggesting poses and groupings takes the reins out of the hands of the professional, and you’ll probably miss some really unique and interesting shots that the photographer might have come up with.
  • Booking the venue first: Many couples think booking the venue is one of the first steps they should complete. While picking and booking the right wedding venue in Lowell, IN is an important step, you should have a few things worked out beforehand—most importantly, the guest list. Guest lists tend to expand over time, and some couples make the mistake a booking a venue that is ultimately too small to hold the number of guests they wind up inviting.
  • Not reading contracts: Make sure you read all the contracts and understand what you’re committing to before signing. From the venue to the caterer to the flowers, it’s important to know what is expected of you and what you can expect of your vendors. Know what you’re paying for, and what you can get out of.

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