We’re almost to the end of the winter, which means it’s time to start thinking spring! If you’re planning a spring wedding for this year or are dreaming of a spring wedding in the future, the warmer weather and blooming flowers will likely give you some inspiration for some of your wedding plans.

Here are some ideas for a spring wedding from a wedding planner:

  • Floral dresses: People are exploring more style options with their wedding dresses these days than they might have in past years. One style you might explore is using a touch of floral imagery in your wedding dress. This doesn’t mean adding in colorful floral print like 1940s wallpaper but perhaps adding some subtle floral embroidery into your dress that can be reflective of the season.
  • Bright bouquets: Springtime is when we are most starved for the bright colors and flowers that have been dormant for months. So why not add some bright colors into your bouquets and arrangements? Go with big and bright flowers and fully embrace the springtime theme with your wedding—it is both seasonally appropriate and a great way to use accent colors with your bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Pops of color with suits: The bright colors you use in your wedding don’t have to be limited to your flowers. Spring weddings are also a great time for you to add some pops of colors to men’s suits, for the groom, groomsmen and any male relatives who have an active role in the wedding. This could include colorful neck or bow ties, flashy pocket squares, socks or boutonnieres. These are all great ways to add hints of color to avoid a monochromatic sort of feeling for your wedding.
  • Embrace spring with your centerpieces: Spring weddings represent a great opportunity to use many different types of colorful flowers. Centerpieces can help add to the character and personality of your wedding, so make sure you let a florist know if you want to do something special and springy with your centerpieces at each of your tables.
  • Pastel colors: Springtime is all about pastel colors, so you might consider using pastels for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Mismatching colors that all fall into a pastel palette can be a great personal touch to the wedding. You might also incorporate pastel colors into your tablecloths, wedding cake or tableware.
  • Outdoor ceremonies: Weather can be a bit unpredictable in the spring, but if you’re feeling gutsy, you can plan an outdoor ceremony and enjoy the fresh scents of newly growing plants and flowers. For those of us in Indiana, it’s probably better to wait until May to plan an outdoor wedding, but it’s still worth considering a little earlier in the season as well.

For more information about some springtime wedding ideas that you can implement in your dream wedding, contact a wedding planner at Signature Banquets and we’ll be happy to work with you to help give you a day you’ll remember forever. Reach out today to arrange a consultation!