We all know that there are informal rules and “right” ways to act when attending an event. However, a lot of people forget that there are rules when it comes to hosting a party, as well.

Planning and hosting an event takes a lot of time and effort. It’s important to keep hosting etiquette in mind throughout your entire planning process, from choosing your event venue in Lowell, IN to set up on the day of the party.

If you’re hosting an event, here are a few hosting rules to remember:

  • Give enough notice: Some of the biggest event-planning taboos concern sending invitations and RSVPs. Once you have the location, date and other details nailed down, you’ll want to send your invitations far enough in advance to give your guests time to respond and prepare. For weddings, both save-the-dates and invitations should be sent. For parties and events, you should send the RSVPs a few weeks in advance. No matter the event, make sure all the necessary information is stated plainly and provide a way for guests to contact you if they have questions.
  • Plan food and drinks appropriately: There’s almost nothing worse when attending a party than showing up hungry and realizing there isn’t any food available, or that the food available is something you can’t eat due to a lifestyle choice or dietary restriction! When planning your catering menu, be sure to provide vegan or vegetarian options, as well as options that cater to those with food allergies. This also extends to drinks. Although big events are often accompanied by alcohol, not everyone drinks, so be sure to provide alternative refreshment choices.
  • Set realistic expectations: You may have a perfect vision of what your event will be like, but large events don’t always go according to plan. Be realistic about your event and your expectations for your guests. If you have a particular dress code in mind, be sure to communicate that to your guests clearly on the invitation, and be gracious if not everyone meets your standards. When it comes to weddings, be reasonable about your guests’ and bridal party’s ability to bring gifts or spend lots of money on travel and subsidiary events.
  • Be considerate about gifts: For some events like weddings and baby showers, gifts are customary from guests. However, be considerate when creating your registry and generating gift expectations from your guests. Make sure to include gifts at all price points to ensure everyone can find something that fits in their budget, and never bring someone’s lack of gift to their attention.
  • Be understanding and gracious: Although you’ll want everyone to show up for your big event, don’t expect every person you invite to show up. Remember that your friends and family may have other obligations or a tight budget. If a guest sends their regrets, take the declination with grace and extend understanding. As for those who do attend, be grateful and show your appreciation by spending time with them at your event and thanking them for coming.

We make hosting a breeze

Hosting a wedding or event is a lot of work, which is why Signature Banquets is ready to lend a hand. As a premier event venue in Lowell, IN, we offer a range of services to help party-throwers, from professional event coordinators to catering and decoration services. Call today to schedule a consultation!