Weddings are often considered one of the most important days in a couple’s life and history together, and because of that, many are willing to spend a lot of money to put together the perfect celebration.
As planning starts, couples begin to see just how much it costs to do things like hire catering and rent a banquet hall. But on top of these basics, couples will often run into several costs that were unexpected or hidden. Read on for a quick primer on what surprises might pop up in the process of planning a wedding:

  • Marriage license:
    One of the less glamorous but most important steps in wedding preparation is getting an official marriage license through your state. Though it’s generally not more than $100, it’s still a fee many don’t think about when budgeting for their big day.
  • Postage stamps:
    If you’re planning for a big wedding, you have to send out a lot of invitations and RSVP cards, both of which need their own stamps. An individual stamp may only cost you a few quarters, but multiply this by the number of invitations and you’ll watch the cost quickly tick up and up.
  • Permits:
    Lots of couples hope to have a wedding in a gorgeous public space like a local park, but you can’t just show up and set up a party whenever you want. Instead, you’ll have to apply for a permit, which is something that can cost very little but might be several hundred dollars, depending on the location.
  • Dress alterations:
    Lots of brides are willing to spend good money on a dress, but one thing you might not consider is how much it will cost to do any alterations needed for the big day. Depending on the dress’s materials and construction, these alterations can become quite costly, so it’s important to budget for this often-hidden fee from the beginning of the planning process.
  • Extra for vendors:
    If you have a strict budget for catering, one thing to remember is that your vendors and entertainers will need to eat as well. Make sure to have enough extra food and drinks to cover your photographer, your DJ or band and any other special people helping the day run smoothly. On top of this, though it’s not required, it’s often a classy move to tip different vendors because they are offering an important service to you. Having enough money for the makeup artist or hairdresser, the band and the caterer, for example, can add up quickly.

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