Right or wrong, when we think of wedding planning and what we have to do to get ready—from hiring a caterer to booking a wedding venue in Lowell, IN—many of us automatically think of a bride. From her physical appearance to the general consensus that women are more interested in weddings than men, a groom’s role is often relegated to “put on a tux and show up on time.” But, as we know, not all grooms are hands-off (and not all weddings include brides), so we’ve put together a quick list of things you can do to prep for your wedding day. You’re sure to shine just as brightly as the person you’re marrying!

  • Get a haircut: Okay, you probably already knew this one, but just in case: get a haircut. This is not the time to opt for an avant-garde new look or otherwise drastically change your appearance, though. The key is to look like the best, most polished version of your everyday self. Shoot for getting your haircut about a week before. If you’re the type of couple that changes their look regularly, and you don’t think your partner will mind a drastic change… well, you should probably still talk it over with your future spouse. People have cried over less.
  • Take care of your skin: Maybe you’ve grown up thinking that skin care is for women only, but we’re here to tell you that if you want to look great well into your golden years, some basic skin care is a must. You don’t have to put cucumber slices over your eyes and wear a towel turban, but do get into the habit of using a basic moisturizer and sunscreen and taking good care of your facial hair. Start this about a month before your wedding, and if you notice any breakouts right before the big day, don’t hesitate to visit your dermatologist—they can use cortisone shots to reduce giant pimples as well as offer other help, so you’ll both look picture perfect.
  • Pay attention to your hands: You’ve probably seen those wedding photos where the couple joins their hands for a close-up of the wedding rings, right? Don’t go into your wedding with raggedy nails and dirty hands. If you can’t bring yourself to get a manicure (if you’re going to get one, this is the time to start), at least make sure your nails are trimmed, your hands are clean and you use a good moisturizer.

Wedding venue in Lowell, IN

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