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Send Your Guests Home with These Unique Fall Wedding Favors!

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Wedding venues in Lowell, IN that have been in the business for some time wholeheartedly understand your desire to plan a memorable wedding. Everything from the location of the ceremony to the food menu must be what you want. But what about your wedding favors? You don’t have to match your wedding season with your favors, but it’s a unique way to say “thank you” to your guests. Is your wedding planned for sometime between late September and mid December? Have some fun incorporating an autumnal touch with your favors!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location out of your list of wedding venues in Lowell, IN, it’s time to focus on the other details of your wedding, like the favors. Here are some of the most unique, charming and unforgettable fall-inspired wedding favors your guests will love:

  • Jam: If you’re a DIY person and know how to make jam, why not can your favorite seasonal jam and give it to your guests? Package it in pretty, reusable jars and wrap with rustic paper ribbons or jute twine.
  • Caramel apples: Nothing suggests that it’s the fall season quite like caramel and apples on a stick (okay, everything pumpkin spice and cinnamon does, too). The thing about caramel apples is that you probably wouldn’t even give this possible wedding favor a second thought any other time of the year. Order them in individual packaging sealed with a gold, orange or burgundy ribbon—try matching the ribbon color with your wedding colors—and invite your guests to take one when they leave.
  • Caramel popcorn: Looking for a wedding favor that’ll be a guaranteed hit? Send your guest home with a jar or bag of sweet aromatic caramel popcorn. Dress the packaging in decorative fall ribbons and fabrics.
  • Custom cookbooks: Here’s a cute idea! Collect a few favorite family recipes from both your and your spouse’s families and have them printed into custom cookbooks for your guests to take home. Cookbooks can include recipes for year-round use, or be filled with nostalgic fall recipes to fit the season of your wedding.
  • Scarves or wraps: Whether or not you remembered to suggest that your guests bring a sweater or jacket to your outdoor fall wedding ceremony, your wedding favors can be adorable scarves, wraps or throw blankets. Have them handed out at the ceremony or drape them over the chairs at the reception.
  • Matchbooks: Yes, matches are still a thing, and they are perfect to have on hand during the chillier fall months. For your wedding favors, hand out matchbooks with personalized labels (such as the newlyweds’ initials)
  • Fall scented candles: Most everyone loves candles. For your wedding favors, select one or more popular fall scents in jars with lids—think apple cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, pumpkin spice, salted caramel and morning rain. Place some of your wedding favor candles on the tables at the reception and light them to offer a preview of what your guests get to take home.

Planning a fall wedding? Signature Banquets is one of the area’s premier wedding venues in Lowell, IN. Call us today!

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The Benefit of Having Your Wedding on a Weekday

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Weddings are special and lovely events that should be a joy to plan. If preparing for your big day is causing you stress, you should reevaluate the way in which you are approaching your nuptial ceremonies.

Wedding venues in Lowell, IN may offer special incentives to couples who choose to have their big day fall between Monday and Friday. Additionally, you may have much better luck choosing the time and location of your choice if you opt for a weekday wedding.

If you are flexible as to when your wedding occurs, here are just some of the reasons that you should consider a weekday date:

  • Cheaper travel: It will be much more cost-effective for guests to attend your wedding on a weekday. You can help your friends and family members avoid the weekend’s premium prices by planning to tie the knot between Monday and Friday. Additionally, it will be much cheaper to leave for your honeymoon!
  • More availability: Wedding venues in Lowell, IN book up quickly! You can ensure that you are able to secure the spot of your dreams by planning for a weekday wedding. Additionally, because venues may have only one or two weddings on a weekday, they may be able to better accommodate any special requests that you might have.
  • More affordable services: Services such as catering, dress rentals and more may be more affordable during the week. In addition, it is almost certain that you will pay less to secure wedding venues in Lowell, IN between Monday and Friday than you would on the weekend.
  • Keep on celebrating: Just because you get married on a Monday doesn’t mean that you can’t party! A weekday wedding could be a great excuse to have yet another celebration in the days following your event. You could have a more casual get-together with your extended friend network on the weekend.
  • Accommodate special dates: Do you want to share an anniversary with your grandparents, or do you want to get married on the day that you began dating? Weekday weddings can be an excellent way to mark any significant dates that you may want to continue celebrating.
  • More intimate services: For many weekend wedding goers, nuptial ceremonies can be stressful affairs. You can hold more intimate, personalized services for just your and your spouse’s loved ones by hosting a weekday wedding. A weekend after-party can be a great way to include any friends and co-workers who were unable to make it to the ceremony.

Weekday weddings are great options for couples hoping to save on their expenses or honor a significant date. You and your future spouse can have a much more enjoyable time planning your big day by hosting it during the week.

Signature Banquets offers one of the premier wedding venues in Lowell, IN. Our awe-inspiring space is the perfect place the celebrate the love between you and your special someone. If you are wondering how you can make your big day truly shine, contact one of our knowledgeable and helpful associates today!

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