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How Much Time Should You Take to Plan Your Wedding?

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As you know, there is no time limit on how long you can be engaged. Whether you’re engaged for six months or six years, your wedding day is when you and your future spouse are both ready to say your vows. The thing to remember is that you do need a considerable amount of time to pull off a memorable wedding day. Planning a wedding is not as simple as some people may think. Should you hire a wedding planner? How long is the guest list going to be? When do you need to reserve a wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN? Once you start, the list of important tasks seems to grow and never end—that is why organization is key.

So, just exactly how long should you take to plan your wedding? Read on for some advice and a wedding checklist!

Time it takes to plan a wedding

The average couple spends between 10 and 14 months planning their wedding day. There are many steps in the planning process, starting with touring multiple wedding venues in the area where you want to get married, all the way to giving gifts to your bridal party and parents. Keep a wedding notebook to stay sane and on top of planning—and keep the following checklist in mind:

  • At this stage you should be celebrating your engagement, researching wedding vendors, setting a budget and choosing a wedding venue. After announcing your engagement, have an engagement party with the people closest to you. After celebrating, plan to sit down with everyone who will be involved in the financial aspect of your wedding. This is the time to set the budget for your wedding so you can begin making a list of your top wedding priorities. Now, think of whom you want to invite. Creating a guest list early on means you can start collecting mailing addresses to send out save-the-date cards and wedding invitations.
  • You’re excited, so you’ll likely want to begin doing some wedding research right away! If you want help planning everything, your first search should be for a professional wedding planner. This individual can save you time and energy throughout the entire planning process, right up until the last minute of your wedding day.
  • Next, make appointments to meet with wedding vendors. Write out a list of vendors, starting with the wedding products or services that are of highest priority to you and your future spouse—for example, the wedding venue, photographer and wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN. Also research and schedule meetings with bakers, florists, videographers, caterers and entertainment companies.
  • Gather your bridal party and groomsmen together! Ladies, get the girls together and start looking for the perfect dress. Guys, get started on the bachelor party!

These are just some of the things that take priority in the first couple months of the wedding planning process—and plenty more is to come! If you want a professional wedding planner, a wedding venue or a wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN, look no further than the wedding event experts at Signature Banquets. Call us today!

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The Benefits of Having Your Wedding in the Offseason

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Many couples are “married” to the idea of a spring or summer wedding. If you and your future spouse are flexible, however, you may want to consider the possibility of an offseason wedding. Nuptial ceremonies that take place between December and March are often less expensive, easier to plan and more convenient for both participants and guests! There are many benefits to obtaining a wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN in the offseason:

  • Better venue options: You can select the date that you truly want when you plan a winter wedding. Wedding reception halls in Lowell, IN are often overbooked in the summer season, meaning that you will have to compromise for a less-desirable date for your anniversary. In the offseason, venues typically have wide-open calendars, and may even offer you a seasonal discount.
  • More decorating themes: A myriad of winter-themed decorations can make your special day really stand out. Rather than relying on the traditional wedding décor available in the summer months, you can deck out your wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN with ornamentation celebrating the winter holidays. Ice sculptures could be an excellent way to showcase your cold-weather creativity!
  • Cheaper travel and lodging: Friends and family members coming in from out of town can have trouble finding accommodations during the busy season. Additionally, airfare and gasoline both run higher during the summer vacation season. Ensure that your wedding isn’t a financial burden on your guests, and plan it for the offseason.
  • More comfortable environment: Black tie affairs require guests to dress to the nines—which is painfully uncomfortable in the summer heat. Even if your summer wedding were to be held indoors, the act of simply getting to the venue could cause you and your guests a substantial amount of discomfort. You and your partner shouldn’t be uncomfortable as you meet at the altar. Offseason weddings help you avoid this!
  • Avoid wedding fatigue: Everyone is getting married in the summer. Double bookings are frequent concerns for wedding guests. Ensure that your friends and family are able to make it by planning your big day for the offseason! Planning a winter wedding is a great way to take stress out of the affair for both the happy couple as well as their guests. Wedding attendees will be thrilled to go to your winter wedding.

Offseason weddings are perfect for couples hoping to save on their nuptial expenses, and help prevent their big day from becoming a financial burden to their guests. Additionally, holding your wedding in the offseason makes it unique, and helps you to set it apart from other ceremonies. Plus, think of how much more exciting your honeymoon will be when it’s taking you out of the cold!

Signature Banquets is the premier wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN. Our family-owned and operated establishment is the best place in the region for you and your loved one to tie the knot. If you are looking for an excellent locale to host your offseason wedding, contact one of our friendly and professional team members today!

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