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Six Fun Ideas for Your Corporate 4th of July Party

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Planning to ring in this year’s Independence Day with a big corporate bash, but not sure where to start? Planning a corporate 4th of July party is not like putting together a backyard barbecue. A lot of planning goes into making a corporate event a success.

To help you get started on planning your corporate 4th of July party, our party planners at Signature Banquets have put together a list of six fun ideas you can use for your Independence Day work party. From the food to the party venue in Lowell, IN, you won’t want to miss these valuable tips!

Company T-shirts

Company T-shirts are such a great idea for so many reasons. Employees will love them, especially if they are 4th of July-themed. T-shirts are also great advertising for your company!

Costume contest

Have employees show their love for the red, white and blue with a 4th of July costume contest. Have employees deck themselves out with the most amazing Independence Day gear they can find and then have judges award a prize to the most patriotic costume at your event.

Patriotic scavenger hunt

The great thing about a scavenger hunt is that everyone can join in and you can do it inside or outside. For your 4th of July event, you can hide patriotic-themed items for guests to find and check off on a list. Have employees work in teams and you can turn this game into a great team-building exercise as well!

S’mores bar

A s’mores bar is always a great hit with party guests of every age and, again, you can do it indoors or out. The idea is to create a station with the traditional necessities for s’mores: chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers. The fun part comes in by adding additional toppings like fruit, different kinds of chocolate or candy bars and even bacon! It gives guests a chance to get creative with an old favorite and try something new.

Hire a DJ

What better way to wrap up a party than by dancing the night away? Hiring a DJ will keep your guests engaged and having fun right up until it’s time to go home. A DJ can also be a great help with engaging even the most reserved members of your team and helping with icebreakers to get the party started.

Patriotic trivia

Another great way to get employees to work in teams and engage with people they may not normally interact with is a trivia game. You can have American history questions or whatever 4th of July theme you would like. Add a few fun prizes for the winners and you are all set for fun!

If you want to plan the perfect corporate 4th of July event that employees will be talking about for months to come, try these six valuable tips. And if you are looking for a party venue in Lowell, IN to host your event, don’t forget to check out Signature Banquets, your premier event space in Indiana!

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Why You Should Throw a Great Company Party This Holiday Season—and How to Do It!

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and if your company hasn’t already, now is the time to be making arrangements for your company holiday party. As the years pass, we are seeing fewer companies host holiday parties for their employees for a variety of reasons: the holidays are busy, parties are expensive, you aren’t sure if employees will attend and many others.

However, company holiday parties can be a great way to give back to your employees, show your appreciation for their hard work and allow them some time to socialize and have fun with one another as your work year comes to a close. If you’re on the fence about hosting a company holiday party, here are a few reasons why you should!

  • They’re fun: Simply put, the main reason why companies should host a holiday party is because they’re a lot of fun! Employees almost always enjoy getting dressed up and having a good time on the dance floor or sharing a meal with colleagues outside of a work environment. The party is all what you make of it, so if you put on a great time, they’re more likely to have one!
  • Boost morale: Parties are also a great way to boost company morale as you head into the new year. Remind your employees why they love working for your company and how much fun your company culture can be by giving them the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the holiday season.
  • Socializing: Holiday parties help colleagues who don’t know each other very well to talk and get to know one another better. Many employees only interact with the people in their department on a day-to-day basis, so a holiday party can help connect your employees in a more social environment. This can not only lead to lasting friendships for your employees, but also a better, more connected work environment.
  • Give back: One of the best ways to show your appreciation for your employees is to give them a gift, and what better gift than a fun night with work friends, food and maybe even prizes? Throwing a holiday party for your company can help show that you appreciate all of the employees’ hard work and dedication to your mission.

Are you convinced? Good! Now it’s time to plan your party to make it the best one around!

First, you’ll want to pick a date. Sending a company-wide survey and choosing the most popular date option gives you the best chance of having as many attendees as possible. This also helps you get a rough head count for budgeting purposes. Once you choose a date, remember to communicate it and all future party plans to your company!

Next, you’ll want to set a budget, choose a party venue in Lowell, IN and decide what type of party you’d like to throw. Do you want it to be black tie, semi-formal, casual or themed?

Next, choose decorations, food and drinks that are appropriate for your type of party. You can match these to your company culture, too—a more sophisticated company might hold a black tie event with sleek decorations, while a more laid back company might host a silly theme party!

Finally, decide if you’ll offer any extras like raffles, speeches, prizes or awards and get those in order with plenty of time to spare before your party. Double check with your party venue in Lowell, IN to make sure everything is ready to go for your event.

If you need the perfect party venue in Lowell, IN for your holiday party, contact Signature Banquets. We are a first-class facility with a 9,000 square foot banquet hall perfect for your next company event. Our in-house catering services and excellent customer service make party planning a breeze, so call today to make a reservation!

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