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Get Ready for Your Big New Year’s Eve Party!

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It’s difficult to believe, but another year is almost gone, which means it’s time for you to be thinking about your New Year’s Eve plans! While some people enjoy a comfortable night in on the couch with their loved ones, others love to do it big, with a party that brings in all their friends for an evening of food, drink, dancing and merriment.

Are you considering throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year, but haven’t sat down to fully plan it out yet? If so, here are some tips from our banquet hall in Lowell, IN to help you in that process:

  • Choose a theme: While you don’t necessarily have to have a theme for your New Year’s party, there are a lot of people who find it adds some extra fun to the event. Some of the most popular examples we see at our halls include formal “black tie” themes, “Roaring Twenties” parties, glitter parties, masquerade balls, “Casino Royale” themes and Hollywood themes. Anything that gives people an excuse to get out and dress their finest while having fun with friends is a great idea for a party!
  • Make a guest list: You need to know how many people you plan to invite so you can determine the proper size for a potential venue. You can be as inclusive or exclusive as you want with this list—just make sure you have a good sense of numbers before you begin approaching any venues.
  • Browse venues: After you’ve got a good sense of the guest list, you can go out and take a look at different venues. You should do this as early as possible, because many of the best venues fill up quickly once the holiday season hits, and even long before that. But you’ll find there is no shortage! Look at event spaces and banquet halls in Lowell, IN, as well as other nontraditional spaces that could host your gathering.
  • Send invitations out at least three weeks before the party: The earlier you send the invitations, the better, because this allows guests to RSVP—and it helps you get to them before they get other New Year’s Eve invites. Make sure to include the venue location, dress code/costume requirements and anything else they might need to know on the invitation. Include your contact information as well so they can ask any questions they might have if they arise.
  • Commit to the theme: Go all out with the theme with your invitations, decorations and anything else that can help make your party unique. Pinterest is an excellent source of ideas for this, but if you’re working with a party planning company or an event venue, they might also have some ideas, and maybe even some specific decorations you might be able to use.
  • Plan activities: Music and dancing are two must-have activities, in addition to the drinks and food you’ll have. But there are other types of activities that can add to the fun, including games, guestbooks, resolution walls or books and more.

For more tips about planning your New Year’s party, contact Signature Banquets or visit our banquet hall in Lowell, IN today.

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Five Valentine’s Day Engagement Party Ideas

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So, you said “yes” and are planning a wedding—congratulations! One of the first things couples do when they decide to tie the knot is choose a venue and a date, but after that, they plan their engagement party to celebrate their big news with their friends and family. Unsurprisingly, Valentine’s Day is a popular day to host an engagement party; love is in the air and many people are in the mood to soak it all up!

If you’re hosting your engagement party on Valentine’s Day, try out these five ideas to fill your event with joy and love and remember the day for years to come.

Create a photo collage

Whether your partner and you have been together for years and years or only a few months, you’re sure to have some photos together that you adore. Put them on display!

Create a decorative display for your photos and let your guests (and you!) enjoy the journey of you and your fiance’s love for each other throughout your relationship. The trip back down memory lane will get the gushy feelings going.

Red, pink and white colors

If you’re planning your engagement party on Valentine’s Day, we have a sneaking suspicion that you enjoy the holiday, so embrace it as much as possible! Opt for a traditional red, pink and white Valentine’s Day color scheme for your food and decorations. Shower your banquet hall in Lowell, IN with colorful signs, flowers and table decorations.

Plus, this will make it even easier to find adorable decor and small gifts to give your guests as a thank you for sharing the day with you. With Valentine’s Day stuff in stores, you’ll have your pick of the cutest options!

Heart-shaped foods and sweets

Again, take the Valentine’s Day theme in stride with heart shapes. One of the cutest ways to show hearts at your engagement party is through food, like finger sandwiches, and sweets, like brownies, cake or cookies.

These heart-shaped foods might almost be too cute to eat, especially if they’re decorated with your and your partner’s initials, names or the date of your engagement or wedding! Ask around to banquet halls in Lowell, IN if they provide catering services. If they do, see what options they have available to truly personalize your food choices to match the theme.

Create a decorated engagement banner

A decorative engagement banner is the ultimate display of you and your partner’s names, your wedding date and any other information you’d love to draw attention to at your engagement party.

You can make this banner your own with color, hearts, shapes and designs you love. You’ll want to hold on to this decoration for a while after you get married, so make it something you absolutely adore and match it to your theme!

Incorporate costumes or headpieces

If you’re feeling silly, you can supply your guests with silly costumes or headpieces to wear during the party. Around Valentine’s Day, costume pieces for Cupid, heart-shaped glasses and headwear and other adorable wearable items will be available.

Giving your guests the option to get into the Valentine’s Day mood while celebrating can be a lot of fun. Plus, it will make for even cuter photos, especially if you have a photo booth set up!

Engagement parties are almost like weddings; you want everything to be perfect and for your friends and family to have a great time. If you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day engagement party and need to rent a banquet hall in Lowell, IN, contact Signature Banquets. We are a first-class banquet facility with a 9,000 square foot space perfect for your intimate or large event. Our in-house catering services and excellent customer service make party planning a breeze, so call today to make a reservation!

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