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How to Plan the Most Memorable Halloween Party

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Is this the year you’re going to throw the most exciting Halloween party in town? If you’re ready to start planning a Halloween party to remember, read on! Below, an experienced event planner in Lowell, IN shares some helpful tips to ensure you’re all set for a night filled with tricks and treats.

Find the perfect location

The first thing you need to throw a memorable Halloween party is the perfect location. Once you know where you’ll be having it, you can start planning the date, time, guest list, theme, decorations and food. Luckily, there are plenty of spooky (and legal) party locations to choose from during the Halloween season:

  • The woods: Some parts of the United States have pleasant fall seasons. Because of good weather, you might want to throw an outdoor party. Places like a forest, spooky woods or an open field are the perfect settings for bonfires, socializing, playing games and celebrating Halloween.
  • Someone’s backyard: Another outdoor party location can be your own or a friend’s backyard. Set up in a large yard or lot complete with party tent rentals, tables and chairs and nearby restroom facilities.
  • A local venue: If you want to take the stress out of Halloween party setup and cleanup, reserve a local banquet hall or event facility. Want things to be even simpler? Hire a party planner to book a location, get the decorations and plan the food for you!

Make lists

Who do you want to come? Writing a list of whom you want to invite to your party will help you plan better. This list will give you an idea of what type of party you want to throw. Adults only? Family friendly? Costumes required? Will the menu be potluck style, or are you providing everything? Will there be entertainment?

Finally, what time should your party start and end? Keep in mind that throwing a Halloween party on Halloween is not ideal for a lot of people for trick-or-treating or work reasons. Consider having it the Saturday before Halloween to allow for preparation and cleanup time, and maybe to draw a bigger crowd.

Decide on a theme

Halloween can be considered a theme all on its own, but your invitation should specify whether or not guests should show up in costume, and if costumes need to be specific to a theme. Knowing this is also good for decorating purposes. However, leaving the theme open keeps the guesswork out of whether guests should dress up in costume or wear whatever they want to.

Halloween treats and activities

It’s typically not difficult to choose food and beverages for Halloween parties, but if you’ve set a theme, carry over that theme to the food spread. You can even label goodies with spooky names and decorate around the tables accordingly. For party activities, most people will simply mingle while others dance, and if it’s a costume party, consider holding a costume contest.

Do you want to take advantage of the services of an event planner in Lowell, IN for your Halloween party? Call Signature Banquets today!

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Six Tips for Throwing a Tasteful Halloween Wedding

Posted in: Wedding Planner

Getting married in the fall is the perfect opportunity to use all those rustic colors and elements you love so much. Browns and reds, pumpkins and leaves—you want it all! But what if you’re planning a fall season wedding and are also a fan of Halloween? Sounds like it’s time to consider a Halloween wedding! The thing to remember is that it’s going to be a wedding, not a wild Halloween bash. As such, look to ideas for a Halloween-time wedding that scream sophistication, not ones that leave your guests screaming in terror.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes—here are six tips from a wedding planner in Lowell, IN for throwing a tasteful Halloween wedding:

  • Understand Halloween weddings: When pointed in the right direction, your Halloween-themed wedding ceremony or reception will come off elegant, glamorous and sophisticated, a little mysterious with a pinch of spookiness. The key to pulling off a memorable Halloween wedding is to steer clear of traditional Halloween plans and decorations. Instead, pull the best ideas from the fall season and colors from Halloween.
  • Don’t make it a costume party: Your Halloween-time wedding should be a wedding celebration, not a costume party. So, don’t ask your guests to come in costume as if they are attending a spooky Halloween party. What you can do is add a touch of Halloween by providing Halloween masks in a designated photo booth area. Additionally, a bride’s wedding dress is also not a costume. Ditch the scary bride idea and opt for something like a beautiful vintage gray lace gown, or a modern black wedding dress. Apply the same concept to your bridal party’s wardrobe.
  • Choose a color palette to match the season: Use a sophisticated color palette in your Halloween wedding plans. For example, if you love classic orange and white pumpkins, consider burnt orange and gray-silver instead. Black and browns are also popular choices. Use these as the main colors of your wedding and make it all pop with burgundy, deep greens and reds.
  • Utilize candlelight: Not only is getting married by candlelight romantic, it’s also a wonderful element to include in your ceremony. Ditch the electric lighting and (safely) light a bunch of candles near where you are to say your vows. In keeping with the Halloween spirit, set up candelabras around the reception area and pillar candles as centerpieces on each table to create a spooky abandoned mansion feel.
  • Incorporate black blooms: Whether or not you use candles as centerpieces, black flowers will make a great addition. Many blooms are available in black, including roses, dahlias, tulips, calla lilies and more. Black blooms also look stunning in Halloween wedding bouquets.
  • Have themed food and beverages: Fill your Halloween-time wedding with the flavors of fall. For food, snacks and drinks, think of menu items like butternut squash soup, apple tarts and popcorn balls, dishes with pumpkin, apples, cinnamon and pecans and a dark chocolate covered wedding cake.

If you need a wedding planner in Lowell, IN to help you organize your Halloween wedding, don’t hesitate to call Signature Banquets!

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Send Your Guests Home with These Unique Fall Wedding Favors!

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Wedding venues in Lowell, IN that have been in the business for some time wholeheartedly understand your desire to plan a memorable wedding. Everything from the location of the ceremony to the food menu must be what you want. But what about your wedding favors? You don’t have to match your wedding season with your favors, but it’s a unique way to say “thank you” to your guests. Is your wedding planned for sometime between late September and mid December? Have some fun incorporating an autumnal touch with your favors!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location out of your list of wedding venues in Lowell, IN, it’s time to focus on the other details of your wedding, like the favors. Here are some of the most unique, charming and unforgettable fall-inspired wedding favors your guests will love:

  • Jam: If you’re a DIY person and know how to make jam, why not can your favorite seasonal jam and give it to your guests? Package it in pretty, reusable jars and wrap with rustic paper ribbons or jute twine.
  • Caramel apples: Nothing suggests that it’s the fall season quite like caramel and apples on a stick (okay, everything pumpkin spice and cinnamon does, too). The thing about caramel apples is that you probably wouldn’t even give this possible wedding favor a second thought any other time of the year. Order them in individual packaging sealed with a gold, orange or burgundy ribbon—try matching the ribbon color with your wedding colors—and invite your guests to take one when they leave.
  • Caramel popcorn: Looking for a wedding favor that’ll be a guaranteed hit? Send your guest home with a jar or bag of sweet aromatic caramel popcorn. Dress the packaging in decorative fall ribbons and fabrics.
  • Custom cookbooks: Here’s a cute idea! Collect a few favorite family recipes from both your and your spouse’s families and have them printed into custom cookbooks for your guests to take home. Cookbooks can include recipes for year-round use, or be filled with nostalgic fall recipes to fit the season of your wedding.
  • Scarves or wraps: Whether or not you remembered to suggest that your guests bring a sweater or jacket to your outdoor fall wedding ceremony, your wedding favors can be adorable scarves, wraps or throw blankets. Have them handed out at the ceremony or drape them over the chairs at the reception.
  • Matchbooks: Yes, matches are still a thing, and they are perfect to have on hand during the chillier fall months. For your wedding favors, hand out matchbooks with personalized labels (such as the newlyweds’ initials)
  • Fall scented candles: Most everyone loves candles. For your wedding favors, select one or more popular fall scents in jars with lids—think apple cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, pumpkin spice, salted caramel and morning rain. Place some of your wedding favor candles on the tables at the reception and light them to offer a preview of what your guests get to take home.

Planning a fall wedding? Signature Banquets is one of the area’s premier wedding venues in Lowell, IN. Call us today!

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Avoid These Autumn Wedding Pitfalls

Posted in: Wedding Planner

Fall is a beautiful season. Leaves are changing color and beginning to drop, the weather is cool but still comfortable and there’s a freshness in the air. So it comes at no surprise that fall weddings are popular and on the rise. After all, the summer heat is gone, which means your guests won’t be baking through your outdoor ceremony. Before you decide that fall is the best time to tie the knot, though, you need to know that the fall season has its own set of wedding related obstacles.

Below, a seasoned wedding planner in Lowell, IN shares a few common wedding pitfalls and tips to avoid them.

Pitfall #1

Fall foliage is pretty, but not guaranteed. Your plans for an outdoor ceremony with natural fall-colored foliage may be foiled by an unexpected cold front.

What to do: Of course, you’ve planned your wedding day well in advance, but the weather forecast cannot predict with any accuracy the weather conditions several months out. But never fear! An outdoor fall wedding is still possible as long as you, your wedding party and guests are prepared for Mother Nature. Either in your invitations, on your wedding website or in an email, make sure to communicate that the day or evening might get a little chilly. That way, everyone attending will know to bring a warm garment just in case. For added comfort, consider providing light wraps, setting up heat lamps or even lighting fire pits at the reception.

Pitfall #2

Fall is the start of the holidays, including many religious holidays. What date do you choose so that most of your guests can attend your wedding celebration?

What to do: You can send out save-the-date cards as early as you want, but the truth is that someone is bound to have a conflict with your wedding date. It’s fall, which a busy holiday time for most people. It’s for this reason that brides- and grooms-to-be should do a little research to make sure most of their guests can attend. Type something like “wedding dates to avoid this fall” into your search engine to get some insight into dates that may not be on your radar.

Pitfall #3

You have a favorite flower, but as fate would have it, it is not in season.

What to do: Even though your favorite flowers are out of season, would you feel a little better if we told you that you can save money using in-season flowers for your big day? The best part is you have a lot of blooms and non-floral elements to choose from. Popular fall wedding flowers include dahlias, chrysanthemums and asters. To make your bouquets more beautiful, you can incorporate festive fall fruits and vegetables—like a variety of small apples, ornamental cabbages or pomegranates, peppers and cranberries. Mini jewel corn, gourds and pumpkins make for lovely centerpieces for fall wedding receptions.

Whether you need a wedding venue or wedding planner in Lowell, IN, look no further than Signature Banquets. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and get a tour of our event venues!

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Five Things Every Summer Bride Should Keep in Mind

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Summer rings in a lot of things, including graduation parties, vacations and weddings. If wedding bells will be ringing for you this summer, you are probably well in your way to planning for your big day. The DJ is booked, the caterer hired and the dress is fitted, but there are a few things you may not have considered that are important for every summer wedding. As your premier wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN, our planners at Signature Banquets have put together a list of five things every summer bride should keep in mind.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Starting with you and your wedding party, hydration is key to your wellbeing on a summer wedding day. With the busyness of the day (and the alcohol), it can be easy to forget to keep yourself well hydrated. A good way to make sure that you and your guests have plenty of fluids is to provide a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, whether that be bottled water on the side of the aisle as guests enter for the ceremony or a table with tea and flavored lemonade during the reception.

Double-duty programs

Since you have to print up wedding programs anyway, why not design them to serve double duty for guests as paper fans. This is a creative way to make sure your guests stay cool and comfortable, especially if your wedding ceremony is being held outside.

Sun protection

Just because it’s your wedding day and not a day at the beach doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still consider protecting your eyes and skin from harsh sunrays. Apply sunscreen and keep sunglasses on hand. A good idea is to purchase mini sunscreen bottles and novelty sunglasses for guests. They can make great favors and are useful for guests who are, perhaps, less prepared for the sun than you.


Everyone sweats, including brides. Invest in a heavy-duty (streak-free, obviously) antiperspirant for your big day, so you can feel fresh and smell fresh from ceremony to reception. If you are concerned about sweating through your makeup, there are refreshing sprays you can purchase to use throughout the day to keep your face cool and your makeup looking fresh. You can also buy blotting papers to use to dab away sweat without messing up your makeup.

Keep bugs away

If your wedding is going to be outdoors, mosquitoes may be a concern. Thankfully, there are candles, lanterns and other attractive ways to keep bugs away without ruining the aesthetics of your wedding space. Also, similar to the sunscreen, you can purchase mini bug spray bottles to have on hand for guests to use if necessary.

Pulling off the perfect summer wedding simply requires some expert planning, forethought and a little help. If you are looking for a partner for your summer wedding, Signature Banquets is your premier wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN. We also have professional event planners on site to help you create your perfect event. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today!

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Six Fun Ideas for Your Corporate 4th of July Party

Posted in: Party Venue

Planning to ring in this year’s Independence Day with a big corporate bash, but not sure where to start? Planning a corporate 4th of July party is not like putting together a backyard barbecue. A lot of planning goes into making a corporate event a success.

To help you get started on planning your corporate 4th of July party, our party planners at Signature Banquets have put together a list of six fun ideas you can use for your Independence Day work party. From the food to the party venue in Lowell, IN, you won’t want to miss these valuable tips!

Company T-shirts

Company T-shirts are such a great idea for so many reasons. Employees will love them, especially if they are 4th of July-themed. T-shirts are also great advertising for your company!

Costume contest

Have employees show their love for the red, white and blue with a 4th of July costume contest. Have employees deck themselves out with the most amazing Independence Day gear they can find and then have judges award a prize to the most patriotic costume at your event.

Patriotic scavenger hunt

The great thing about a scavenger hunt is that everyone can join in and you can do it inside or outside. For your 4th of July event, you can hide patriotic-themed items for guests to find and check off on a list. Have employees work in teams and you can turn this game into a great team-building exercise as well!

S’mores bar

A s’mores bar is always a great hit with party guests of every age and, again, you can do it indoors or out. The idea is to create a station with the traditional necessities for s’mores: chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers. The fun part comes in by adding additional toppings like fruit, different kinds of chocolate or candy bars and even bacon! It gives guests a chance to get creative with an old favorite and try something new.

Hire a DJ

What better way to wrap up a party than by dancing the night away? Hiring a DJ will keep your guests engaged and having fun right up until it’s time to go home. A DJ can also be a great help with engaging even the most reserved members of your team and helping with icebreakers to get the party started.

Patriotic trivia

Another great way to get employees to work in teams and engage with people they may not normally interact with is a trivia game. You can have American history questions or whatever 4th of July theme you would like. Add a few fun prizes for the winners and you are all set for fun!

If you want to plan the perfect corporate 4th of July event that employees will be talking about for months to come, try these six valuable tips. And if you are looking for a party venue in Lowell, IN to host your event, don’t forget to check out Signature Banquets, your premier event space in Indiana!

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Check Out These Interesting Alternatives to Wedding Cake!

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Every wedding is different, but there are certain iconic staples of this special event that anyone can identify. Aside from important aspects of a wedding celebration, like the first dance and speeches from members of the wedding party, one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding is the food you serve—especially the wedding cake. Although a traditional tiered cake is a classic choice, many people are choosing to swap out their dessert option in favor of unconventional fare to really leave an impression on their guests. If you’re in the process of planning your big day with an event planner in Lowell, IN, consider a few of the most unique wedding cake alternatives:

  • Tiered dessert arrangements: Just because you don’t have cake at your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have an aesthetically striking tiered arrangement. Instead of a tiered cake, try a tiered arrangement of doughnuts, cookies or other small desserts. Single-serving desserts can be plated and served much easier than a cake can, which means you and your guests can focus on enjoying the party.
  • Cupcake towers: For a dessert option that still allows you to enjoy the delicious tastes and textures of a wedding cake, opt for some cupcakes. You can choose between full size cupcakes or mini cupcakes and add unique garnishes to really make your desserts stand out. You can even add an edible version of your wedding monogram for a personalized touch.
  • Breakfast for dessert: Whether you have a morning wedding or you simply love breakfast fare, you can incorporate some sweet breakfast dishes into your big day. Add a pancake or waffle bar with fresh berries, syrups, chocolate chips and other favorite toppings so that your guests can customize their dessert.
  • Seasonal desserts: You put a lot of thought into the time of year when your wedding will take place, so why not serve a seasonally appropriate dessert? For summer weddings, incorporate fresh berries and peaches into your dessert options. In the fall and winter, pumpkin pies are a classic, crowd-pleasing option.
  • Buffet-style dessert: Desserts are delicious—so why should you choose just one? Put it all out there with a dessert buffet full of various cakes, pies, truffles, cookies, candies and other sweet favorites. You can even incorporate a s’mores bar for something extra special.

At Signature Banquets, we want your personal style and preferences to shine through on your big day, which is why we can work with you to create a dreamy food and dessert menu that your guests will rave about for years to come. We have a range of delicious breakfast, dinner, appetizer, drink and dessert options for you to choose from for your special event. We are proud to be a family owned and operated business with decades of experience turning our clients’ dream event into a reality. Whether you have classic tastes or you want to serve something truly one-of-a-kind to your guests, we can help you. Give us a call to learn more and to get assistance from a professional event planner in Lowell, IN.

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Choosing Between a Live Band and a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

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The music you have at your wedding reception is one of the most important aspects of the event. After all, it’s supposed to be a party, right? Unfortunately, the dance floor at lots of wedding receptions is left vacant for the duration of the event because of boring music. Although having a friend set up a playlist on their phone for the event might seem like a good way to cut costs, you might end up playing music that doesn’t encourage anyone to get out on the dance floor. Having a live band or DJ at your wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN is a great way to get your guests moving and keep them entertained. So, which one should you choose? There are quite a few factors to consider:

  • Variety: When it comes to the variety of music being played, a DJ has the upper hand over a live band. Since they will be able to play the best music from a variety of bands and musicians, not to mention music from a wide range of time periods, there will be a much better variety of music. Even if a live band has a huge repertoire of songs, the playing style and vocals will stay pretty much the same, which can get boring after a while.
  • Guest engagement: You’re throwing a party that you want your guests to enjoy, so it’s important to hire musical entertainment that’s going to encourage your guests to dance and have fun. Both DJs and live bands can offer this kind of guest engagement, but they may also fall flat depending on their personality and performance style. It’s best to avoid hiring musical entertainment sight unseen. Only hire a band after seeing them perform live, and only hire a DJ after seeing a live performance or a recorded performance online. This will give you a much better idea about how they interact with guests and whether they will keep people entertained and engaged.
  • Applicable venue regulations: Some venues have rules about noise levels that you should be aware of if you’re planning on hiring a live band. Since DJs can easily control music volume with the touch of a button, they tend to be better suited for venues that have noise level restrictions. Find out about the specific rules that apply at your wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN.
  • Cost: Weddings are notoriously expensive, and the exorbitant rates that some live bands charge can drive up the cost even more. Bands are almost always more expensive than DJs. Hiring a band may run you upwards of $2,000, while a DJ will likely only set you back a few hundred dollars.

Regardless of who you choose for your wedding entertainment, you can give your guests a night to remember when you host your wedding at Signature Banquets. We are a family owned business with over 30 years of experience. We offer a range of wedding services, including full-service catering, at our elegant, 9,000 square foot wedding reception hall in Lowell, IN. We are here to ensure that your big day is everything you dreamed it would be with help from our in-house wedding planners and experienced event consultants. To find out more or to schedule a tour of our venue, call us today.

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Eight Ideas for Your Teen’s Graduation Party

Posted in: Event Planner

With graduation season approaching, you need to start planning the ultimate reward for your teens graduation: an amazing party! Start with these great tips from your local event planner in Lowell, IN:

  • Photo booth fun: Superlatives like “Most Athletic” or “Best Hair” can be printed or painted on a wooden sign and used in your own photo shoot as your party guests enter the banquet hall or party venue you have rented for them.
  • Insta-sign: See which photos are taken at your graduation party as you enjoy the fun. Set out a chalkboard for guests with a reminder to share graduation party pictures on Instagram. Remember all the fun times with photos that you’ll be able to go back to again and again.
  • Diploma cookies: Grab Pirouette cookies and tie red ribbons around them, so they look like diplomas. Place the cookies on a plate. They will look like a stack full of delicious diplomas! This is an easy and fun idea for teens to enjoy yummy graduation cookies.
  • Mason jar genius: Do you want to take the mess out of making root beer floats? Simply place scoops of vanilla ice cream in mason jars and place the jars in a cooler with root beer cans. Kids can have them whenever they want, and since the mason jar is larger than the soda can, there isn’t a mess to clean up afterward.
  • Kiddie pool drinks: This is a brilliant idea that teens will love. Fill up a large kiddie pool with ice and place soda cans on top. Kids can see the soda cans easily and grab them on the go while having a blast at the party.
  • Suitcase cards: Use an old or thrifty suitcase and buy wooden letters at your local craft store that spell out “cards.” You can easily get wooden letters from a fabric store. Grab some twine, string it through the letters and then hang it on top of the suitcase for teens to see. The cards will be easy to keep in one place, rather than wind up scattered everywhere. Later, the grad can treasure these cards forever.
  • Balloon photos: Tie your friends’ photos to the ends of balloons that have already been blown up. This makes an easy and fun alternative to the typical wall or bulletin board. When it’s finished, it appears that the balloons hold the photos in place on a table, creating a chandelier with a festive and chic
  • Inspirational quotes: Chalkboards are so inexpensive and popular today. Place chalkboards throughout the party venue and let guests write up inspirational quotes for their favorite grad. Your teen can enjoy these for all time.

Signature Banquets offers a beautiful party venue and experienced event planners in Lowell, IN. We offer 30 years of experience in the industry. If you’re looking for a beautiful banquet hall and a team known for high quality services, we offer the most enjoyable event space around. Let us help you make your graduation party unforgettable. Call us today to get started!

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Five Ideas for Your Mother’s Day Gathering

Posted in: Event Planner

Mother’s Day is one of the most special days of the year. Event planners in Lowell, IN have several ideas for unique games you can play at your party venue. Create lasting memories this Mother’s Day with these tips from Signature Banquets:

  • What’s in mom’s purse? This is entertaining for a large group. Moms and kids sit across from each other. Simply line up one fewer chair then there are children. Each child calls out an item they guess is in their mom’s purse. If a child retrieves an item from their mother like a tube of lipstick, they return and sit down in one of the chairs. If a child doesn’t get an item, they are out of the game. Play continues in this fashion until there is only one player left. The last chair belongs to the winning mom and child team!
  • Balloon pop: Before the party, kids write down several items they will do for mom, like fold the laundry or give her extra hugs and kisses. Fold the sheets of paper and place them into balloons before inflating them and bringing them to the party venue. Mom pops as many balloons as she can in one minute. The more balloons popped, the more favors she inherits.
  • Photo shoot: What mom doesn’t love pictures of her family on her special day? Set up a tripod in the backyard, and include dad as well! Use your personal camera and invent special pics to post in your family album. Mom will have pictures and memories to treasure for a lifetime. (Mom can also post these on Facebook, which is always great fun for her to share with friends!)
  • Cookie cards: Here’s a great idea for the momma who has a sweet tooth. Grab her favorite cookie dough at the market with cookie cutter letters to spell out your card of cookies. Cut the dough into letters to spell such phrases as “We Love You.” Then, bake the dough, and paint it with fun frosting colors. Mom will love the card of cookies spelled out on a plate or tray—she’ll enjoy eating her favorite cookie card from her kiddos!
  • Which mom is mine? This is an entertaining way for kids to find out more about mom in a party setting. Have mom write down three facts about her life when she was young, like, “I was a cheerleader in high school,” or, “I dyed my hair bright pink in high school.” Have one mom read aloud the three memories from the past and have the children guess which reports fit their mom. Whichever child guesses the right mom wins the game. In the right party venue, this can be a very enjoyable game.

Signature Banquets would be happy to suggest more game and activity ideas, and we can even host your Mother’s Day party. With our gorgeous banquet hall and 30 years of experience as event planners in Lowell, IN, we have tons of fun and games to get you started! Contact us today and we’ll help you knock your Mother’s Day event out of the park!

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