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What You Should Ask Before Booking Wedding Venues in Lowell, IN

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be perfect, but there are often challenges that you will encounter during the planning process. One of the most difficult decisions you have to make during the wedding planning process is where you will have your wedding. There are a variety of wedding venues in Lowell, IN, but not every venue will be able to live up to your expectations, no matter how they might look on paper.

Questions to ask before booking

It’s important to take plenty of time to screen potential wedding venues before you make a decision about which one you will choose for your event. After you conduct a few initial searches, you can compile a list of several different venues and schedule consultations. During a consultation, you can ask a representative from that venue some specific questions to determine whether their venue is right for you:

  • What are the fees? One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing an event venue is how much it’s going to cost. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of all of the fees associated with renting the venue and whether these fees are subject to change under special circumstances. You should also find out whether there are discounted fees if you book during less popular times of the year or on weekdays.
  • How many guests can you accommodate? Every event venue has a specific capacity cap that you can’t exceed during an event. Find out about the maximum capacity of the space so that you can decide whether there will be sufficient room for all of your guests. For the most comfortable and enjoyable experience, it’s best to avoid event venues that have just enough capacity for your guests. Instead, choose a venue that gives you a little more wiggle room to work with.
  • What facilities will we have access to? There are many event venues with a lot of space and facilities, but some venues limit your use of these extra spaces. Make sure that you understand exactly how much space and which facilities you will have access to during your event.
  • Are you licensed and insured? Because of liability concerns, it’s important that you work with an event venue that is fully licensed and insured to host gatherings. You can ask for proof of licensure and insurance to be certain that the event venue you are considering is fully qualified to offer the services you need. You should never do business with wedding venues in Lowell, IN if they can’t prove that they are licensed and insured.

Check out our wedding venues in Lowell, IN

At Signature Banquets, we know how important it is for you to find a wedding venue that you love, and we are dedicated to providing you with a space that meets all of your expectations. As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to offering quality venue space and event services, as well as professional support from our experienced event planners. You can learn more about all of the services that we offer and check out our facilities by browsing our website or giving us a call to schedule a consultation today.

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Work with Signature Banquets to Plan Your Company Party

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Hosting a party for your employees can boost morale and improve relationships within your company, but planning a company party isn’t an easy task, especially if you have a lot of employees. The good news is that as long as you stay organized and focused, you can pull of a company party that your employees will be buzzing about for months. Here are a few of the best tips from an event planner in Lowell, IN for getting your party plans in gear.

Why should you plan a party?

Lots of companies don’t host holiday parties because of the time, energy and cost associated with party planning. While skipping these parties might be an easy way to save a little money in the short term, the positive effects of planning parties for your employees far outweigh the upfront costs. Throwing a party for your employees gives you an opportunity to show them that you appreciate what they do, and it can boost morale significantly. For the most successful party possible, it’s important to invest some energy into throwing a party that your employees can truly enjoy. You may even want to partner with an event planner in Lowell, IN from Signature Banquets for additional support. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Set a date and a budget: Before you can start nailing down venues, caterers and other event details, you have to decide on a date and budget for your party. Having these details in place from the outset will make it easier for you to make additional decisions about your party moving forward.
  • Decide what kind of party you will have: Your company culture and the interests of your employees will influence the type of party you host. If you have a close-knit group of employees, a casual gathering or activity-centered party is a great option. On the other hand, if you have a lot more employees and a more formal business culture, you should plan a more formal party.
  • Select a venue: You should try to find and reserve a venue as soon as possible after you choose a date for your party. Some companies host their parties in the office, but it’s nice to rent a venue if you’re a little bit short on space or you don’t have the facilities you need for catering, activities and socializing. It can also just be nice for your employees to gather together someplace other than the office for a change.
  • Plan food and entertainment: The food you serve can make or break your party, so make sure you take some time to find a great catering option for your company’s get-together. It’s a good idea to err on the side of ordering too much food rather than risk running out. If there are leftovers, you can bring them to work the next day or send them home with your employees.

When you work with the team at Signature Banquets, you can feel confident that you will receive the best services, facilities and recommendations possible for your company party. We are proud to provide beautiful facilities, planning support and additional event services so that you can make your vision for your event a reality. Whether you’re hosting a company party or a wedding, we are here to support you with all of the services you need to make it happen. For years, our family owned and operated business has been dedicated to the quality of our services and facilities, and we continue to develop a reputation for our professionalism and exceptional services. Give us a call today to get started with a free consultation with an event planner in Lowell, IN!

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Get Ready for Your Big New Year’s Eve Party!

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It’s difficult to believe, but another year is almost gone, which means it’s time for you to be thinking about your New Year’s Eve plans! While some people enjoy a comfortable night in on the couch with their loved ones, others love to do it big, with a party that brings in all their friends for an evening of food, drink, dancing and merriment.

Are you considering throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year, but haven’t sat down to fully plan it out yet? If so, here are some tips from our banquet hall in Lowell, IN to help you in that process:

  • Choose a theme: While you don’t necessarily have to have a theme for your New Year’s party, there are a lot of people who find it adds some extra fun to the event. Some of the most popular examples we see at our halls include formal “black tie” themes, “Roaring Twenties” parties, glitter parties, masquerade balls, “Casino Royale” themes and Hollywood themes. Anything that gives people an excuse to get out and dress their finest while having fun with friends is a great idea for a party!
  • Make a guest list: You need to know how many people you plan to invite so you can determine the proper size for a potential venue. You can be as inclusive or exclusive as you want with this list—just make sure you have a good sense of numbers before you begin approaching any venues.
  • Browse venues: After you’ve got a good sense of the guest list, you can go out and take a look at different venues. You should do this as early as possible, because many of the best venues fill up quickly once the holiday season hits, and even long before that. But you’ll find there is no shortage! Look at event spaces and banquet halls in Lowell, IN, as well as other nontraditional spaces that could host your gathering.
  • Send invitations out at least three weeks before the party: The earlier you send the invitations, the better, because this allows guests to RSVP—and it helps you get to them before they get other New Year’s Eve invites. Make sure to include the venue location, dress code/costume requirements and anything else they might need to know on the invitation. Include your contact information as well so they can ask any questions they might have if they arise.
  • Commit to the theme: Go all out with the theme with your invitations, decorations and anything else that can help make your party unique. Pinterest is an excellent source of ideas for this, but if you’re working with a party planning company or an event venue, they might also have some ideas, and maybe even some specific decorations you might be able to use.
  • Plan activities: Music and dancing are two must-have activities, in addition to the drinks and food you’ll have. But there are other types of activities that can add to the fun, including games, guestbooks, resolution walls or books and more.

For more tips about planning your New Year’s party, contact Signature Banquets or visit our banquet hall in Lowell, IN today.

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Party Season Is Officially Here!

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We’ve officially arrived at the winter holiday season, which means it’s also one of the busiest times of the year for parties and holiday-themed festivities! Whether you’re planning a party for your friends or your company, or preparing a December wedding or other big event, the day is drawing closer and we’re looking forward to hosting you at our reception hall in Lowell, IN.

If you have such an event coming up, you might be getting a little bit anxious about the preparation. Fortunately, when you work with our team at Signature Banquets, we strive to keep you at ease as much as possible so you can enjoy your wedding, party or event and not have to get bogged down in the planning and the little details. Our goal is to help you have a fun, relaxing holiday season that you’ll fondly remember for years to come.

Handling weddings during the holidays

If it’s a wedding you’re preparing for, you might be particularly stressed. But never fear! There are plenty of ways you can cut down on the amount of work you have to do and make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Here are just a few things you can do to make sure you’re able to enjoy both the holidays and your wedding without feeling like you’re stretching yourself too thin:

  • Delegate as much as possible: It’s really helpful to have some trusted family and friends who can take on some tasks associated with your wedding planning and with your holiday plans so you don’t feel overwhelmed and that you have to do everything yourself. Chances are, you’ll find all you have to do is ask people to help you with your wedding and they’ll be more than happy to lend a helping hand. This is especially true of friends and family who have had their own weddings—they know just how much the generosity of friends and family helps to bring the whole day together, and are going to be more than willing to chip in to help you out.
  • Combine your holiday and wedding planning: Are there any ways you can intertwine the holidays with your wedding? You might want your wedding to have the look and feel of the holiday season, so feel free to reuse holiday decorations, or to use your wedding décor during the holidays. This will prevent you from having to get a whole bunch of extra supplies and doing a lot of extra work to make different sets of centerpieces, floral arrangements and more.
  • Stay organized: Keep separate lists of ideas and inspirations as well as to-do lists so you know exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who needs to be the one to do it. Try to work specific times into your day or your week that you can devote specifically to planning and organization.

For more tips about throwing a big event or party during the holidays, contact our reception hall in Lowell, IN!

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Planning an Indoor Wedding Ceremony? Here’s What You Need to Know

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While an outdoor wedding ceremony on a perfectly sunny day can be beautiful and a bride’s dream, an indoor ceremony should not be ruled out. An indoor ceremony definitely has its advantages beyond protection against inclement weather. Below, a premier event venue in Lowell, IN will explore everything you need to know about an indoor ceremony.


An inside wedding ceremony definitely has its advantages. While some use an inside ceremony as a contingency plan for poor weather, there are many couples who prefer to make an indoor wedding ceremony their first choice. They are making the comfort of their guests and control of the look of their ceremony a priority.

Even in the best of weather, outdoor events always invite the unexpected. Wind blows off hats and messes up carefully arranged decorations. Unwanted critters and insects join the ceremony, making guests uncomfortable. The sun makes the guests too warm as they wait for the bride to make her appearance, or cloud cover and cool breezes chill guests to the bone as they struggle to hear the vows through a portable speaker system.

During an indoor ceremony, the event planner has much more control over the look, feel and sound of the whole event. A well-equipped sound system projects the couple’s vows and the officiant’s sage words at just the right volume. Decorations stay fastened in place, and the guests remain comfortable. While the unexpected may still happen during an indoor ceremony, it typically won’t come from Mother Nature!

Creating the Look

An indoor ceremony is all about creating whatever look you desire. Your imagination can run wild. An elegant wedding filled with white flowers and red roses may be your cup of tea. Perhaps your crew would prefer a Star Wars theme wedding with Admiral Ackbar officiating against a backdrop depicting the Death Star. The sky (or your imagination) is the only limit with an indoor ceremony.

What Kind of Venue is Right for Me?

There are several important considerations to keep in mind when selecting an event venue in Lowell, IN for your indoor ceremony. When searching for an event venue, you are looking for a blank canvas on which you can project your desired look. An open-space floor plan is a must. You do not want posts, pillars or any other visual obstructions to block your guests’ view of the ceremony. You are also looking for a venue that has versatile lighting. Can the lighting be adjusted to different settings to achieve the look that you are going for?

Sound is another major consideration. How are the acoustics? Does the venue have a high quality sound system, or will you need to rent one separately? Check out the restrooms. Are they clean and large enough to accommodate your party? Finally, examine the parking situation. Is there going to be ample parking for all of your guests?

Choosing an Event Venue in Lowell, IN

If you are considering an indoor ceremony, we hope you’ll consider Signature Banquets for your event venue in Lowell, IN. Our staff has over 30 years of experience in the industry to provide you with the expertise to handle your special day. Give us a call today to begin planning your indoor ceremony.

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A Quick Guide for a Successful Cold Weather Wedding

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While summer weddings are popular with some brides and grooms, many couples seek that magical wedding during the cooler months between October and March. Cold weather weddings can make for a beautiful, cozy and romantic setting. With some careful considerations, you can plan an absolutely amazing experience for you, your beloved and your guests, no matter how cold the temperatures fall outside. Your wedding venue in Lowell, IN offers this quick guide for your successful cold weather dream wedding.

Stay Indoors

Something to consider for you and your guests is to select a single venue for both the wedding and the reception. Not only will this cut down on transportation time, but it will also keep you and your guests from having to go outside during the cold, unpredictable weather. Another consideration should be to keep both the ceremony and the reception indoors. This way, Mother Nature cannot wreak havoc on your wedding plans. A beautifully appointed banquet hall can serve as a perfect venue for both your wedding vows and the elegant reception to follow.

The Right Look

When shopping for a cold weather wedding, there are some things to keep in mind. If you do plan to hold your ceremony outdoors or are traveling outdoors between the ceremony and reception, you will want you and your party to be comfortably warm and stylish.

Consider long dresses for the bride and bridesmaids. Perhaps even long sleeves would be appropriate. These dresses can look exceptionally elegant and will keep everyone warm. A handy tip from wedding experts is to sneak a pair of warm leggings beneath a long dress. No one will notice!

The gentlemen, meanwhile, can wear wool suits that will keep them warm while looking incredibly handsome. Perhaps formal coats can be purchased or rented for outdoor photos and to don when making the grand exit. Stylish scarves and wraps can be added to complete the ensemble. Your wedding party can look positively glamorous in cold weather.

Comfort for Your Guests

Keeping your guests warm should be a high priority. As your guests arrive inside from the cold, there are several simple things you can offer to make them smile. Have warm drinks available upon their arrival. Mugs of hot apple cider or hot chocolate will be very welcome after coming in from the cold. A coat check is a classy way to keep your tables and chairs looking gorgeous and uncluttered.

Once your guests have shed their coats and have a warm beverage in hand, they will be delighted to be presented with warm snacks. Perhaps you could have a s’mores station. There could be tomato soup shooters or mini grilled cheese sandwiches. And as a table gift, each guest may find a small bottle of hand moisturizer to combat the dry skin that’s so common in winter.

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue in Lowell, IN

If you are considering a cold weather wedding, look no further than Signature Banquets. We are among the premier wedding venues in Lowell, IN. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to handle your big event. Give us a call today to see how we can make your cold weather wedding day truly memorable!

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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner in Lowell, IN

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Some couples will hire a wedding planner, while others opt to take on the job themselves. Before you decide what you want to do, you should know what people are saying about the benefits of having a wedding planner. Some will tell you it is worth every penny. So, if you’re engaged and ready to get hitched, then the following information is for you! Below are some of the top reasons to hire a professional wedding planner in Lowell, IN.

According to statistics, the average wedding today takes about 250 hours to plan. That’s a lot of time! Time is a crucial factor in wedding planning, which is why hiring a professional could be right for you. A planner will do all the researching and planning for you, help manage your budget, find venues and find vendors. They’ll contact vendors and negotiate fees for you, and when you’ve made decisions, they’ll do the hiring and scheduling. Need someone to get the rehearsal dinner together? A planner does that, too! On top of all this, most wedding planners are also creative designers. Here are some other benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Get expert advice: Your family members and friends have good intensions—they truly do—but all their opinions can cause stress and confusion, and you don’t need your judgment clouded. Wedding planners are dedicated to learning as much about you as possible, including your style, the vision you have for your wedding and who in your family drives you crazy. They come with expert advice to help in all decision-making processes.
  • Save time and stay on schedule: A wedding planner saves couples a lot of time. You can go about your life and only need to contribute with answers to questions when called upon to do so. A planner also keeps you on schedule. They keep you in the loop regarding approaching deadlines and send you reminders when you have decisions to make.
  • Avoid going over budget: Like everything else in life that requires money, wedding costs can quickly get out of hand. A wedding planner knows your budget and will steer you in the right direction from start to finish. And they know your money limits for each category, like vendors, food, decorations and the venue.
  • Peace of mind: The average wedding in the United States takes six months to two years to plan. It can be hard to stay in a calm state of mind during this time! For your peace of mind, know that a wedding planner has everything under control, which allows you to not overthink things or take on more planning duties than you have time for. A planner helps to assuage your worries, and the best ones manage all wedding communications, including with other wedding venders. And if you need someone to intercept stress-inducing relatives, that can be arranged!

If you like what you’ve read and think a wedding planner in Lowell, IN is what you need, let us know! The team at Signature Banquets is dedicated to making your big day a wonderful experience. Call us today to arrange a consultation!

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Good Questions to Ask Wedding Venues in Lowell, IN Before You Book

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There’s a lot you need to do as a couple as you prepare for your wedding. Finding the perfect wedding venue is one thing every engaged couple has on their wedding to-do list. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s more to a venue than just aesthetics. Naturally, you’re super excited about your upcoming special event, but don’t rush into signing any contracts until you are well informed of all the details.

Below is a list of good questions to ask wedding venues in Lowell, IN before you book. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to jot down some notes!

Prices and available dates

First things first, you need to ask yourself if the date you want for your wedding is flexible or not. Knowing this going into a venue tour and consultation can save time and stress. You can also visit wedding venues before choosing a date, which is a good idea if you have a specific venue in mind. If this is the case, you’re more likely to get more date options:

  • Is the date available? It might not be. Is there a wait list? What surrounding dates are open? Venues often have different rates for different seasons, days of the week and times of day. Also, find out how far in advance you can reserve a date.
  • How many hours are you paying for? How early can the setup crew, food, drinks and wedding party arrive, and how long after the wedding celebration can people stay?
  • How many events does the venue host in one day? Some larger event venues host several different events on their property at the same time. This could mean hearing or even seeing other celebrations nearby or having to clear out quickly so another wedding can start.

Payment details

Whether you’re on a strict budget or not, find out all the payment details. Doing so gives you the opportunity to assess the costs and ensure it will work for you:

  • First, how much is the deposit? When do you pay the rest? Many venues require a deposit upon signing and confirming a date, and then you’ll pay in installments from the day you sign until your wedding date. What is their cancellation policy, and what happens if you need to make changes to your reservation?
  • Is everything included in the total—service charges, cleaning fees, gratuity, etc.? Ask the planner to walk you through this.

Venue must-knows

There are many good questions to ask about venue specifics before signing a contract. For this reason, you should have a general idea of the number of guests and any equipment you’d like:

  • What’s the venue’s capacity? Be sure there’s plenty of room for your wedding party, guests, vendors and extras, like a dance floor, bar setup, photo booth and entertainment equipment.
  • Does the venue offer amenities like wedding planners, a decorating team, food, bands and a sound system? If not, you’ll have to hire or rent your own.

We hope you add Signature Banquets to your list of possible wedding venues in Lowell, IN. Call us today for a free consultation and tour!

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How to Plan the Most Memorable Halloween Party

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Is this the year you’re going to throw the most exciting Halloween party in town? If you’re ready to start planning a Halloween party to remember, read on! Below, an experienced event planner in Lowell, IN shares some helpful tips to ensure you’re all set for a night filled with tricks and treats.

Find the perfect location

The first thing you need to throw a memorable Halloween party is the perfect location. Once you know where you’ll be having it, you can start planning the date, time, guest list, theme, decorations and food. Luckily, there are plenty of spooky (and legal) party locations to choose from during the Halloween season:

  • The woods: Some parts of the United States have pleasant fall seasons. Because of good weather, you might want to throw an outdoor party. Places like a forest, spooky woods or an open field are the perfect settings for bonfires, socializing, playing games and celebrating Halloween.
  • Someone’s backyard: Another outdoor party location can be your own or a friend’s backyard. Set up in a large yard or lot complete with party tent rentals, tables and chairs and nearby restroom facilities.
  • A local venue: If you want to take the stress out of Halloween party setup and cleanup, reserve a local banquet hall or event facility. Want things to be even simpler? Hire a party planner to book a location, get the decorations and plan the food for you!

Make lists

Who do you want to come? Writing a list of whom you want to invite to your party will help you plan better. This list will give you an idea of what type of party you want to throw. Adults only? Family friendly? Costumes required? Will the menu be potluck style, or are you providing everything? Will there be entertainment?

Finally, what time should your party start and end? Keep in mind that throwing a Halloween party on Halloween is not ideal for a lot of people for trick-or-treating or work reasons. Consider having it the Saturday before Halloween to allow for preparation and cleanup time, and maybe to draw a bigger crowd.

Decide on a theme

Halloween can be considered a theme all on its own, but your invitation should specify whether or not guests should show up in costume, and if costumes need to be specific to a theme. Knowing this is also good for decorating purposes. However, leaving the theme open keeps the guesswork out of whether guests should dress up in costume or wear whatever they want to.

Halloween treats and activities

It’s typically not difficult to choose food and beverages for Halloween parties, but if you’ve set a theme, carry over that theme to the food spread. You can even label goodies with spooky names and decorate around the tables accordingly. For party activities, most people will simply mingle while others dance, and if it’s a costume party, consider holding a costume contest.

Do you want to take advantage of the services of an event planner in Lowell, IN for your Halloween party? Call Signature Banquets today!

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Six Tips for Throwing a Tasteful Halloween Wedding

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Getting married in the fall is the perfect opportunity to use all those rustic colors and elements you love so much. Browns and reds, pumpkins and leaves—you want it all! But what if you’re planning a fall season wedding and are also a fan of Halloween? Sounds like it’s time to consider a Halloween wedding! The thing to remember is that it’s going to be a wedding, not a wild Halloween bash. As such, look to ideas for a Halloween-time wedding that scream sophistication, not ones that leave your guests screaming in terror.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes—here are six tips from a wedding planner in Lowell, IN for throwing a tasteful Halloween wedding:

  • Understand Halloween weddings: When pointed in the right direction, your Halloween-themed wedding ceremony or reception will come off elegant, glamorous and sophisticated, a little mysterious with a pinch of spookiness. The key to pulling off a memorable Halloween wedding is to steer clear of traditional Halloween plans and decorations. Instead, pull the best ideas from the fall season and colors from Halloween.
  • Don’t make it a costume party: Your Halloween-time wedding should be a wedding celebration, not a costume party. So, don’t ask your guests to come in costume as if they are attending a spooky Halloween party. What you can do is add a touch of Halloween by providing Halloween masks in a designated photo booth area. Additionally, a bride’s wedding dress is also not a costume. Ditch the scary bride idea and opt for something like a beautiful vintage gray lace gown, or a modern black wedding dress. Apply the same concept to your bridal party’s wardrobe.
  • Choose a color palette to match the season: Use a sophisticated color palette in your Halloween wedding plans. For example, if you love classic orange and white pumpkins, consider burnt orange and gray-silver instead. Black and browns are also popular choices. Use these as the main colors of your wedding and make it all pop with burgundy, deep greens and reds.
  • Utilize candlelight: Not only is getting married by candlelight romantic, it’s also a wonderful element to include in your ceremony. Ditch the electric lighting and (safely) light a bunch of candles near where you are to say your vows. In keeping with the Halloween spirit, set up candelabras around the reception area and pillar candles as centerpieces on each table to create a spooky abandoned mansion feel.
  • Incorporate black blooms: Whether or not you use candles as centerpieces, black flowers will make a great addition. Many blooms are available in black, including roses, dahlias, tulips, calla lilies and more. Black blooms also look stunning in Halloween wedding bouquets.
  • Have themed food and beverages: Fill your Halloween-time wedding with the flavors of fall. For food, snacks and drinks, think of menu items like butternut squash soup, apple tarts and popcorn balls, dishes with pumpkin, apples, cinnamon and pecans and a dark chocolate covered wedding cake.

If you need a wedding planner in Lowell, IN to help you organize your Halloween wedding, don’t hesitate to call Signature Banquets!

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